Best brothers.

Happy three brothers 🦋
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In a dark room, only light of the street lights outside from the tiny window blowing in that room to the sight of a weak pale boy in his late teenage, panting a little while suffering from a fever attack and the usual symptoms of his inactive brain tumor, despite it is back inactive it still affects him and if he didn't do the surgery he will suffer from those attack symptoms every once in a while.

The boy squeezed his teddy bear and smiled sadly in darkness., " H-hyung not back yet." He murmured weakly to himself while lying on this worn-out old futon bed.

Wiped his tears eventually when he heard the door opening.

Seungcheol, his oldest brother opened the light and walked over.

" Why are you closing the light like this Jeonghan?!"

He asked, taking look at the poor boy suffering.

Helped him sit up as Jeonghan was trembling.

" J-j-Jeonghan sleeping." He lied, he didn't sleep cause he was very sick.

Seungcheol's heart broke, but he acted strong in front of the weak boy as he felt his fever and picked up his phone.

Called Mingyu to bring the boy's medicine that had finished and in the meantime, he bathed Jeonghan.



Mingyu came back and looked at Seungcheol holding the weak boy while feeding him well, Jeonghan saw him and smiled brightly.

" H-h-hyung, we-welcome back."

The elder sat close, hugged the weak boy, and smiled softly.

" Aigoo Hyung missed you so much." He said pecking his hair and cheol smiled.

" I-I-I miss hyung too."

Mingyu looked at cheol who nodded to him.

Pulled the medicine he brought with him and fed it to the lad after he ate well.

" Your fever will calm now Jeonghan." Cheol said patting the lad's hair.

The boy was so happy to have them by his side, if it wasn't for his brothers he would have been in his grave.




Getting ready for bed, Seungcheol wrapped the boy by the blanket and laid close till he slept, Mingyu came over and gave his brother a can of cold beer.

" You good hyung ?! You look tired."

Mingyu asked the eldest among them.

" I'm good gyu, just stressed from work."

Mingyu bite his lips.

" How much do we have now ?!"

Seungcheol looked at his account from his phone.

" We are almost there."

Mingyu smiled sadly.

"I came back and he was lying in darkness, I at least want to buy a TV so he watches, he just lay all day doing nothing ."

Seungcheol said sadly as he drank the whole beer in a shot.

Mingyu is feeling so sad.

He drank along.

" It's weekend tomorrow hyung, let's take him out."


The three were sleeping on three old futon beds in this small room but it was warm having each other, Jeonghan was between his big brothers, hugged by the elder as he woke up feeling much better.

He giggled seeing both hugging him.

" J-Jeonghan goo-good today." He murmured, stood up slowly, and went to wash up.

Meanwhile, his two brothers sleep tightly after working and stressing themselves.

The pure ill boy was alone the whole morning, he made toast for breakfast of cheese and tuna.

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