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Different faces and versions of WinRina in my writing style.


These are old stories that I decided to rewrite and retell featuring WinRina. Some of them are originally fanfics of other artists I follow and some are original fiction. Genres range from romance to heavier topics with psychological and horror-adjacent themes.


Winter as Maisie Kua

Karina as Jillian Yuson

Giselle as Angeli Uera

Ningning as Ysobel Noble

Binigyan ko sila ng character names kasi I like it. But these names will be used throughout various stories. So just think of it as they are different people in different stories but with the same names. Some of the names will have an alternative form depende sa hinihingi ng story.


In Nomine Matris

(This is my first ever written AESPA fic)

At the heart of a mysterious series of murders is Cap—a hired mercenary paid for her commission work by the Synk City Police Department. Between her desire to ultimately quit the life she has chosen to substitute for the past she has been desperately trying to leave behind, and the serial killings seemingly following her wherever she goes, Cap is left with no other choice but to confront both demons. She soon learns that, despite her perceived innocence, all clues implicating the killer lead right back to her.

Hate Team

(Maisie and Jillian's names are taken from this fic)

Hindi naman sa hater siya, pero ang kay Nadie lang naman, sana 'yung mga iniidolo ng best friend niyang si Cheska eh 'yung may ibubuga naman. 'Di 'yung artista daw pero umaasa naman sa legacy ng renowned actor Dad at award-winning director Mom na ngayon ay may-ari na ng isa sa pinakamalaking TV broadcasting network sa bansa.

Ewan. Never mind. Hindi naman talaga 'yan problema ni Nadie, so ba't pa ba niya ikinakakakulo ng dugo 'yan 'di ba?

Well, dapat. Eh ang kaso, 'yun na din ang kinalabasan nang biglang masangkot siya sa isang aksidente. 'Yung kotse kasing minamaneho ni Nadie bilang isang Owver car service provider ay hindi sinasadyang nabangga ang van ni Regina, dahilan para ma-ospital ang personal driver nito. Walang pera, walang insurance, walang koneksyon, at walang-wala si Nadie, kaya hindi agad siya nakapalag nang (no choice) siyang kinuhang kapalit na personal driver ng paborito niyang i-hate na artista.

Problema pa tuloy.


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