Moving on

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Dahyun was in a dark spot and started to question everything around her.

But how could she not, when she was betrayed by two people she loved.

Luckily she didn't have to go through the pain alone.

Two angels decided to help her move on and show her that love can be beautiful. 


Thought it's time to write a story about a ship I have never written about...I think....

There is no real plot, just a little Story with a lot of Hurt/Comfort. 

Hope you like it, maybe I can write another one for the three. 

The Story will have 4 Chapters which are already written, so you don't have to worry that this story will be abonded, which I feel like is often the case these days (Including my own Stories...Sry)


Have fun reading :)


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Chapter 3: I smell healing on the horizon 🤍
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Chapter 2: Oh that 😭😭
jauregay4pizza #3
Chapter 1: please update soon author, I'm looking forward to reading how this story unfolds!! You are amazing and your writing is on point.