IZ*ONE and the Olympians: The Forbidden Ones


*IZ*ONE Greek Demigod AU"
Yena, Chaewon, and Yujin had always thought that their friendship was a product of fate. Ever since the trio met, things just seemed to click. They were the only ones in school who ever understood each other, and there was always this air of familiarity between them. Little did they know that their connection ran deeper than they originally thought when the strange experiences they were all hiding suddenly came to light. Once they realized who they were, there would be no turning back.


Hi everyone! Coming off of Project IZ*ONE, I said I would make a PJO themed story next, and here it is! I hope you enjoy, and if you're new, feel free to check out my other series!


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JYChan #1
Chapter 7: Keep up the good work !👍
shinkenger2234 #2
I can't wait