My Reflection In My Mind

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My Reflection In My Mind - Yoo Jae Ha 

P.S: This is the first time that i'm gonna write in English so please bear with me hahaha english is not my first language but I'm learning.




거짓인줄 알면서도
even though i knew it was a lie
겉으론 감추며
while i hid it on the outside
한숨 섞인 말 한 마디에
at that one line mixed with sighs
나만의 진실 담겨 있는 듯
it seemed to have the truth just for me

- Yoo Jae Ha's "My Reflection In My Mind"


Nov. 13, 2023


It's the first day of snow in Korea and Jimin decided to meet up with Winter. It was very cold night and Winter seems to be excited with the thought of seeing her Jimin unnie in the first day of snow. They said that confessing in the first day of snow is the most romantic thing a person would do... so, probably that's the reason why Winter is very excited.

Winter arrived at the Seoul Forrest, as Jimin said that they should meet up there. Winter looked at everywhere and saw Jimin standing in front of a bench.


"Jimin Unnie!" Winter screamed Jimin's name and Jimin eventually looked at her.

Winter ran towards Jimin and hugs at her very tight while Jimin is just standing there looking at her.

"Unnie aren't you cold? did you wait here for a very long time?"  Winter asked but Jimin never replied, She's just giving her some cold stares.

"Unnie is there something wrong?" Winter asked.

"You ask yourself Winter , did you do something wrong?" Jimin asked her 

"What do you mean?" Winter replied.

"Winter.. lately you've been doing stuff that you shouldn't do and It's actually pissing me off" Jimin said as she put her hand on her temple.

"What stuff?" Winter asked.

"I think you're trying to make me and my boyfriend split up" Jimin replied.

"What? No! I would never do that Jimin Unnie!" Winter said.

"Are you sure? cause you've been so clingy to me lately and you're trying to distract me whenever my boyfriend wants to have a date with me or to see me"  Jimin said.

"I'm sorry Jimin unnie, It's just I like you and I want to be with you all the time.. like we always do." Winter said as she bowed down her head.

"You like me?" Jimin asked

"Yeah.. I like you for a very long time.." Winter replied as she looks at the floor.

"Win, you know that I can't do this... I love him and you cannot just do whatever you want and act like as if we're dating or something.. You don't own me, Win" Jimin said

"Jimin unnie, I know but I don't want you to go with him.. please stay with me Jimin unnie." Winter said as she feels like she going to cry any minute.

"Winter! I can't stay with you! I love him more than anything! I can't afford to lose him Winter! I can't!" Jimin screamed.


This the first time that Jimin screamed at Winter, Jimin is always careful when it comes to Winter, Jimin always makes sure that she's gentle when it comes Winter, Jimin never upsets Winter but right now, Jimin had enough.


"Jimin unnie.. Me? can you afford to lose me?" Winter asked as she cover her eyes and cried in front of Jimin.

Jimin just put hands on top of her face as she hears Winter cried. "Winter, You are so important to me... but i love him so much and If you're gonna continue doing this then you're gonna hurt me.. not only me but Jiho also! So please let me go Win!" Jimin replied.


Both of them are crying right now and Winter thought that maybe that this is the right time and accept that she is defeated and there's nothing she can do about it.


"Okay.. Jimin unnie, I'm letting you go" Winter said as she looked at Jimin's eyes.

"Thank you, Mindoongie" Jimin replied then turns her back away from Winter and leaves.


Winter is just standing there as she looks at Jimin's back slowly fading away in the dark. 




Sept. 2023 (Months before the first day of snow)


The girls gathered together, as Jimin said that she has a good news to tell them and everyone is so curious / excited about it.


"So, what's the news?" Giselle asked as she settles at her seat.

"Yep, what the good news Jimin unnie?" Winter asked. 

"So... the news is that I met someone yesterday!" Jimin replied.

"Oh? who is it?" Ningning asked.

"His name is Kang Jiho, I met him in the manga cafe while I was chilling there and reading my favorite crayon shin chan manga" Jimin replied

"Is he cute?" Giselle asked as she drinks her coffee.

"He's very cute Aeri and I think I like him already" Jimin replied 


Meanwhile, Winter is not liking the news that she heard. Winter likes Jimin since god knows what and hearing that Jimin likes someone who isn't her makes her heart ache.


"Winter are you listening?" Jimin asked as she looked at her bestfriend who is currently blankly staring at the table.

Winter got startled. "Oh yes! I'm listening Jimin unnie" she said.

Jimin smiled at her then backs at talking to Giselle and Ningning.


Since that day, Winter tries to not get to close Jimin cause she still don't know how to deal with it. It felt like as if she's betrayed or something. Jimin didn't noticed at first but as the times she eventually noticed and asked Winter about it.


"Hey Win? are we okay?" Jimin asked.

"Yes! we're very much okay Jimin unnie why?" Winter replied.

"I noticed lately that you're avoiding me or something?" Jimin said.

Winter scratches her head. "Nah I'm just tired unnie, don't think too much about it" she said and Jimin just shrugged it off.


The week went by and Winter is still not accepting the fact the Jimin likes someone else especially now...


"Guys! I said yes to Jiho! We're dating now!" Jimin screamed and everybody in the room got excited except for Winter.

"Good for you, Unnie" Winter replied then left the room.


It made Winter's heart broken each day, especially now that she didn't see Jimin more often like they used too cause she has a boyfriend now.


"Jimin unnie, where are you going?" Winter asked as she looked at Jimin who is busy making herself pretty in front of a mirror.

"Oh? Win I have a date with Jiho why?" Karina replied.

"Oh.. have fun" Winter said and just left the room.


Ningning saw that and she goes after her right away. Winter is at the corner of the room, sitting down while her head is on her knees.


"Are you okay win?" Ningning asked as she holds Winter's hand.

"I don't know.. Ning. It's just hurts." Winter replied.


Ningning knows everything because her and Winter are very close because their age is close with each other.


"Jimin unnie right?" Ningning asked.

"Well...yeah" Winter replied.

"You know what Winter. It's not yet too late you know? She's not

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