Love with a Shutter



A comlicated love story between a 19 years old girl and the BEAST members. 

They are all finding love, TRUE love.



If you're a Kikwang lover (Ace), Treat yourself as Chae Rin.

If you're a Jester(JH fan), Treat yourself as Soo Ah.

If you're just a no-bias/ new fan/ Swooner(DW fan), Yoonique(DJ fan), Treat yourself as Min Ah.



Main characters: 

Male Characters

Yoon DooJoon [Leader of B2ST] 

He is...

The Leader of this famous group, B2ST. 

The members looks up to him as someone trustworthy and reliable.

His cool appearance was the first thing that attracted Seo Min Ah towards him. 

DooJoon is also the first guy that Min Ah met other than KiKwang and YoSeob.



Lee KiKwang [Main Dancer of B2ST]

He is...

The Hot Main Dancer of B2ST.

Also, he is Min Ah's Sunbaenim during High School.

His sunshine personality fits well with Cherry's personality. 

The two of them got along well and is the first pair of couple formed.



Yang YoSeob [Main Vocalist of B2ST]

He is...

The "Visual Maknae" Main Vocalist of B2ST.

Also, a sunbaenim of Min Ah during High School.

He fell in love with Min Ah instanly when he saw her. 

However, he kept his feelings to himself, he didn't want to confess so as to not cause any trouble for Min Ah.

He does dote on Min Ah a lot, alot, A LOT. 



Jang Hyun Seung [Lead Vocalist; Dancer of B2ST]

He is...

The "Pretty" lead vocalist and dancer of the group.

His first impression of Min Ah is that, she looks like his ex-girlfriend, Miyo. 

"Prankster of the Group", always having those little devil thoughts in his mind which often pisses the members off when they got pranked. 

His prank on Min Ah did cost him to be guilty.



Yong JunHyung [Rapper of the B2ST]

He is...

The Charismatic Rapper of the Group. 

JunHyung was actually rather shock to see Shin at first as...



Son DongWoon [Vocalist; Maknae of B2ST]

He is...

The maknae (Youngest member) of the Group.

He is the type of guy who Min Ah likes and admires -Talented in Music, having a nice voice, gentle nature and also, he is indeed in love with Min Ah when he first saw her...



Female characters

 Seo Min Ah [Leader; Main Vocalist of MyStiCal]

She is...

She had a great affinity with the members of B2ST.

She is the dongsaeng of KiKwang and YoSeob.

Her favourite member is DongWoon.

And due to her friendliness, she became close with JunHyung and HyunSeung really fast. 



Lee Chae Rin [Dancer; Sub-Rapper; Vocalist of MyStiCal]

She is...

She has a similar "Sunshine" feel like KiKwang and she brings warmth to the people around her. 

Hence, KiKwang and her got along really well and soon..

They fell in love.



Shin Soo Ah [Rapper of MyStiCal]

She is...

Her cool personality might be just due to her not feeling the warmth with her family members.

She is really intelligent! The genius among the three of them.

JunHyung and her...


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Love With a Shutter

The camera snaps with a shutter, a SILENT shutter... When love comes in silence, who knows?

Love With a Shutter, Love in Silence...



My First Fanfic!! Love with a Shutter a.k.a. Love in Silence!

Credits to: (Lyrics you see in the fanfic [Without link]!! Because WE composed it together.)

1. Lee Chae Rin
2. Shin Soo Ah


Official website!

No means of Plagarism, purely my own Creativity and Thinking


For new readers, I have to say this fanfic is going to be VERY VERY long....

Well, it would be mainly covering BEAST!

Later on: with SNSD, SHINee, SUPER JUNIOR and.... EXO! 

© Raynie1995 , 2012

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