My 99th Shutter (2-DongMin): Time spent as a Family

Love with a Shutter



DongWoon oppa and I got endorsements for the famous 'Lotte World' Amusement park.
And the best part is, DongMin would be shooting the CF with us as well!
It's a family theme and it suits us.
We really came to 'Lotte World' for the filming.
“DongMin ah, are you having fun?” I asked.
“Ne! Jowa!” He said.
We tried the bumping jesters for a start, DongWoon and DongMin went for the game as only one adult is needed.
I took pictures of them playing as well.
Then we tried different rides, the cameras are following but we are rather free to do what we want to.
DongWoon bought some popcorn and candy floss for DongMin.
DongMin fed me a popcorn, “DongMin, komawo.” I said.
Then he fed DongWoon, “Komawo.” DongWoon said and gave the kid a kiss.
DongWoon let the kid sit on his shoulders, “DongMin ah~ can you see anything?” He asked.
“Wa~~ appa! It's so nice here. Eomma~” DongMin reached for my hand.
“Aigoo~” I held his hands, “Be careful DongMin, don't move, hold onto appa.” I said, DongWoon held the kid firmly by his legs.
DongMin listened and stayed up there quietly but now and then, he will be amazed by different things.
I bought a helium balloon for him, “DongMin, here you go.” I tie it around his wrist.
“Wa~” The kid let out a sweet smile and looked at the balloon with amusement.
Such a cute kid!
And then, the director took a video of us outside the amusement park whereby DongWoon and I shouted the slogan and.. Done!
“Thanks for the hard work!” DongWoon said and we greeted the staffs.
“You two make a good couple.” The director says.
“Kamsahamnida.” DongWoon said.
“Eomma, I want to go to the toilet.” DongMin said.
DongWoon carried the kid and brought him to the toilet instead, “I will bring the kid, you should rest.” He said to me and then went to the toilet with DongMin.
I scanned through the pictures taken just now, “You could make it into a collage.” Director suggested.
“Ah? Ne, Kamsahamnida.” I said and thought it was really a good idea.
Guess I shall take more pictures of us together.
Director left and then, we bought DongMin to have lunch first.
We ordered a kiddy meal for him and then ate with him.
It's off-camera now.
“Min Ah, what are you thinking about?” DongWoon asked.
“Oppa, if I had a child in the future, I wonder would I have the time to be with him or her like how I am with DongMin?” I asked.
I am rather worried if I would have time for my children since I would be busy.
“Geokjeonghaji maseyo, I will make sure we take turns to take care of the child. Otherwise, we shall let abeoji and eommeoni to take care of the children.” DongWoon said.
I blushed, “Oppa~ you planned about these things already?” I asked.
DongWoon nodded, “You are my fiancé, look, the ring is there, I will want to announce that you are mine when you reached the age of 21 then? Let's wait till you graduate.” He said.
I would be going back school from tomorrow onwards.
“Oppa, tomorrow I have lessons as usual. DongMin would be you taking care of him.” I said.
DongMin looked up at DongWoon, “Appa~ Eomma~” He said and he held our hand.
I patted his head lightly, “Ne DongMin? Eomma has to go school tomorrow, DongMin shall be with appa for the morning and afternoons.” I said.
DongMin looked at DongWoon, “Appa~” He asked for a hug.
DongWoon hugged him and then let him sit on his lap, “DongMin, we shall spend the day together for tomorrow.” He said.
And then, we decided to do shopping for DongMin and also, the house.
Since DongMin is living with us, as Appa and Eomma, we thought of buying him new clothes and toys to play with.
We decided to decorate a room just for him.
“Appa, look at this.” I called for DongWoon.
“Ne Eomma?” DongWoon responded.
“Toy cars or LEGO?” I asked.
The answer is pretty obvious, “LEGO.” DongWoon's eyes seems to be sparkling when he sees LEGO.
I guess DongMin might become another LEGO lover due to DongWoon's influences.
I went to check out for clothes that are suitable for DongMin, then I spotted a family tee set.
“One for Appa, One for Eomma and One for DongMin.” I said.
And we changed into the family tee.
“Jowayo.” DongMin likes the shirt.
I gave him a kiss and then, DongWoon oppa took a family picture using his handphone.
“Wa~ Our first family protrait.” I said.
We went to make the payment and then went back home.
DongWoon transferred the picture to me and We both set it as out wallpaper.
“DongMin, look, it's us in there, Eomma will be able to look at DongMin even when I am in school.” I said and showed DongMin my phone.
“Wa~” The kid was amused and I let him play with my phone for awhile till we reached home.
DongWoon took the stuffs and I carried DongMin down the car.
We did some grocery shopping as well, because the fridge is rather empty.
I started sorting out the groceries and then decided to prepare kimchi someday for DongWoon and the kid.
“Min Ah, don't tire yourself out.” DongWoon said when he heard me saying that I want to make kimchi.
It's kind of troublesome as well.
“Gwaenchana, it's worth it. I contacted DongMin's eomma and she said DongMin love spicy food as well.” I said.
“Komawo, I didn't even thought of that.” DongWoon meant contacting DongMin's parents.
And then, we spent some time playing with DongMin.
The kid then went for his afternoon nap after some coaxing by me.
DongWoon is decorating the house with the ornaments we bought just now.
The time now is 0330pm, the kid shall rest till 5pm and then we could have dinner.
DongWoon and I cleaned up the house and made sure there isn't many dust around as it is not good for the child.
Finally, we finished at 4pm. Just a small scale clean up near the kid's room.
I started preparing dinner and DongWoon helped me with it.
I let DongWoon try the taste of the soup and he nodded, “Just right.”
DongWoon is cutting up the vegetables and then suddenly I received a call. 
“Oh? MiKi oppa? Mwoyeyo?” I asked, KiKwang called.
“MiNi, mind telling me what Chae Rin likes to eat?” He asked.
“Oppa, are you preparing dinner now?” I asked as I heard him cutting up something.
“Ne, I am cutting carrots.” He said.
“Oppa, stop what you are doing. I can't really tell you what Chae Rin likes but I can be sure of what she doesn't like to eat.” I said.
“She hate carrots, tomato, pickles, rather picky with vegetables. She does eat broccoli. And although she hate carrots but she loves carrot juice.” I said.
KiKwang is noting down the points, “Anything else?” He asked.
“Just make everything tasty for her. She loves seafood which both of us are allergic to. So if you were to prepare seafood for her, be careful that you can't eat those.” I reminded.
“Ne komawo.” He said.
“Prepare an after-meal dessert for her as well. Usually I would cut up some fruits, she loves strawberries.” I said.
“Oh okay, komawo MiNi.” KiKwang said and he said goodbye before he end the call.
By 5pm, DongWoon went to wake DongMin up, “DongMin ah, ireona.” He said gently.
“Appa..” DongMin rubbed his eyes and then looked at DongWoon.
DongWoon gave him a kiss and carried him out.
I went to take a shower and then, DongWoon and DongMin went for their showers.
Good chance for them to enhance their relationship.
I laid out the table and then we had our dinner. We went on out to the park nearby for a walk after dinner.
DongMin loves walking along with us, he didn't complain about walking too much or anything.
A really sensible kid.
And then, the kid was tired by the time we reached back home.
DongWoon carried him into the room and placed him on his bed.
We made sure that he's alright and then we went into our room.
“Oppa, let DongMin sleep more tomorrow, don't wake him up too early.” I said.
“Ne arrasso.” DongWoon said while taking off his sweater.
We changed into pajamas and then we slept.
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