And then I didn't...


In which Mikha Lim, a Filipina actress, former BINI member, suddenly deals with the aftermath of her success while slowly ignoring her loved ones.

"He felt a happiness stirring deep inside him, shining a light into recesses of his soul that had long devoured by darkness." -Erik Tomblin, Riverside Blues.


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Chapter 3: ayyyy bitin ㅠㅠ
buhangin #2
Chapter 3: chapter 3 po ...
Ziana_zayne #3
Chapter 3: didn't expect a mikaiah au here😭😭2
Chapter 3: long coat 'tor */humiga sa riles
Chapter 1: relate so much kay miks ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ HUHU MALUNGKOT BA TO 'TOR WAG AH PLS PLS thank u