once upon a december


Because what could possibly go wrong (or right?) when your straight friend unintentionally makes you, a lesbian with an unrequited crush, roleplay as her pretend girlfriend just to tick off her stepfather?


TW: yunjin is straight

...but not for long

i dont plan this on being a long series at all maybe like 2 or 3 chapters


aside from that, a LOT of profanities and some homophobic themes, i got nun else to warn u guys bout 🤷🏻 hotcoolz enjoyers lesgaurrr !!


ps. im not gonna name no damn male idol as yunjin's bf here cuz idgaf (except for enhypen's jay lol random ik but i cant get his roblox rizz face out of my mind so might as well) 😭 & i get icks whenever i make them as the girls' bf or something lmaoo happy readingg <3 and expect late updates cuz im trash

and that concludes 'once upon a december'!! honestly i put that title bc i started this in december so... and it was cute 🤷🏻 thanks sooooo much for reading i hope i gave yall hotcoolz enjoyers a feast with this story and thanks for being patient u guys are strong 💪😞


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Yeyineitor #1
Chapter 4: I loved this
saknip #2
Chapter 4: i am sooo glad that you are part of hotcoolz nation, authornim🥺 i love all of your stories💯💯
Chapter 4: I'm completely ecstatic this is the cutest and most enjoyable story I've ever read and my heart definitely aches for the end of it (T.T) congratulations on something so incredible it's a super great hiper talent !!

I hope to see more hotcoolz in the future! 🥰
Chapter 3: i feel like screaming when yunjin said she didn't hate it ㅠㅠ
please, sakura is obviously in love already, i wonder if she will accept it or maybe she will try to deny it because of her friendship + yunjin has a boyfriend too ㅠㅠ
i gonna totally wait for the next chapter ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Chapter 3: I am simply captivated by this story; I love how their dynamics unfold in such intriguing and interesting ways. I have the urge to read for hours on end!

Looking forward to updates soon (bless all the deities for a swift one, as I am hooked).
TaenyLovers224 #6
Chapter 3: I'm just in love with their dynamic, love this chapter
loruuhh #7
Chapter 1: oh my god! thank you for writing another hotcoolz story, authornim! that was a great first chapter. i’m looking forward to the next updates.