Falling for The Past


In the year of 2023, Joohyun is engaged to the man, she met years ago in college. He was the person she thought she would spend the rest of her life with.

Unill, she founds an old picture from the year of 1876 that changes everything.

The picture depicts four men from that era. She awakens to find herself in the body of a Joseon woman. Seungwan, one of the men from the painting, says she is his wife. Yet he cannot stand the sight of her, though she does not know why.

Somehow, impossibly, she has traveled back in time over 140 years. Stranded in the past, Joohyun knows Seungwan holds the key to her return home.

But more time she spends with Seungwan, the deeper her feelings for him grow. Now she finds herself questioning which life and which era she truly belongs in.

All she knows for certain is that she need to survive time. She need to survive love and make it out on the other side alive.


I'm back with a new time travel story.

Most of the setting will be in Joseon, and one thing to noted is that the some of history from Joseon will be fiction, cause I'm not that good in History.

A happy ending, cause sad ending .



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Chapter 9: Author nim, please update soon~
Chapter 9: Author, where did you go? I hope you are healthy and all right. Happy lunar new year!
Nourredine89 #3
Waiting for your update authornim 🫶🫶
Chapter 9: Yay Seungwan has becomes less dismissive of Joohyun!! I'm curious to know if Joohyun is going to influence history in some kind of way?

Also, it's a little thing but I love how you use images in your stories. It's fantastic to see things exactly how the author intends.

Thank you for all these wonderful updates!
xIIxIIx #5
Chapter 9: Can’t wait for next update. What actually going on between joohyun and seungwan in the past?
Chapter 9: That's exactly the same thing that i would do if i ever have gone to the past. Investing in companies that i know will be big in the future. I remember me and my sibling having this kind of conversation.

For some first time meet up junmyeon is sure heated up. But maybe he is just concerned about Seungwan. Also, maybe they both knew each other (old/past joohyun & suho). I honestly can't help but think that joohyun definitely knows Suho. I wonder why is seungwan mad in the photo tho. Does the men in the picture harbor hatred and jealousy to seungwan since he's good at what he does? Or maybe because he's strict? And arrogant?? I mean Eunhyuk and junmyeon are accountants so they could just manipulate the cash flow or set up seungwan for something he hasn't done like money laundering. Although, i don't think seungwan is that stupid to let that happen. I know it's bad to be suspicious to Johnny because they're literally twins. But i can't help but think about that certain movie where a certain character is trying to dumb himself a little bit and appear more like happy go lucky person when in fact he is plotting something to destroy people's life which he succeeded because no one suspects that it was him since he appeared dumb.

Does seungwan harbor such attraction towards old joohyun? Even just a little? Because i couldn't help but think that he somewhat think of his wife when joohyun admitted the truth to her. Did past and future joohyun swap bodies and past joohyun is currently living with Sehun now??? Or it's just future joohyun? So where did the soul of the past joohyun go??? Is it still inside joohyun? Maybe hibernating??? Idk but maybe she's just there somewhere
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Chapter 9: Oh? Seungwan frozen when Joohyun talk about Sehun? Well at least now he believes her
Chapter 8: I’m glad that Joohyun was able to protect herself. Being a modern woman has its perks. I wonder when we will get to see other sides of Seungwan?
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Chapter 8: damn you donghae you should rot in jail 😡😡😡
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Chapter 8: Who is Étienne?