September Love (10th Grade)

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How sophomore year in 1977 went for a group of friends in an all-girls school in Hyehwa-dong, Jongno-gu, South Korea.


This is the very first work I have done. Please forgive me.
My grammar is not the best since English isn’t my first language! I promise even if it’s boring now, I’ll make it better!

This story is named after this song! :) Ippudo- September Love
-Sumire September Love by Ippudo


You can also find this work in my ao3 :) September Love (10th Grade) AO3


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Chapter 3: Pureum? Huh, so this is star cross lover? Curious how it affect them.
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Chapter 3: Hmm..
Chapter 3: Please comment T-T
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Chapter 2: Nice, study date soon?
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Chapter 1: Oh this is interesting, looking forward, authornim