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It's not easy being a parent to 3 rebellious pre-teens who barely get along and one child who is more powerful than any 8 year old should be. it's especially not easy when your husband is on a secret mission that nobody else besides the Hokage seems to know, and your girlfriend who hung up her ninja boots is suddenly back on missions again, and her husband is in love with your husband and it's mutual but neither of them will admit it.

It's not easy, but it's all in a days work for Sakura.


Sakura woke to the sounds of birds in the early dawn, before the sun had even began to grace the earth with it's presence. Hinata lay next to her, soft s pressed into her side, arm stretched out across Sakura's body and hair spread out across both of them. Sakura had long since gotten used to the feeling of waking up in limbs and hair, of being half pinned to the bed and left wondering when the best time to move was.

Sakura was a medical ninja, so her days started early, and they were often long. Moments like these, with her girlfriend, were the few times she really ever understood what peace meant, even in this cold cruel shinobi world.

The sky had lightened enough that Sakura knew she'd spent too long laying, her girlfriends hair with her free hand. She shuffled carefully out of the bed, loathed to wake her, but ninjas as they were, Hinata had felt her move beneath her and woke, instantly alert.

"Shh." Sakura hushed her, hoping to lull her back to slumber but she only blinked and then shuffled to seating position with no intention to go back to sleep.

"Good morning." She yawned.

Sakura smiled. "Morning."

She lent over and kissed her girlfriend on the lips, lingerering only a moment before moving to get dressed. She'd be late if she let her eyes linger on Hinata's ample and bosom and thick thighs for too long.

As Sakura moved about the room to dress and get ready for the day Hinata pulled on her robe, wrapping it around her and wandered toward the kitchen to make breakfast.

Both being mothers, they learned to do things in tandem. Hinata made breakfast, Sakura got dressed, they both ate, Hinata got dress and Sakura made lunches, theirs and the children's. Then, as the sun peaked through the forest leaves, they bustled through the door, pulling close to each other, Sakura running her hand in Hinatas hair and kissing her her lips, once, twice and once more for good luck before they split for the day. Sakura to go to work at the hospital and Hinata to go back to hers and Naruto's house to get the kids ready for school.

Sans Sarada, of course, who spent the night at her friends house after declaring loudly,

"I'd rather die than sleep under the same roof as that idiot Boruto!"

Which was only the fifth time she'd said it that week. Sakura hoped that Sasuke would come back from his mission soon because dealing with one pre-pubescent rebellious teenager was hard but dealing with three was impossible and Sakura could be scary when she was angry but Hinata was ten times worse, and Naruto being Hokage did very little to make things better.

Teenagers aside, it was an arrangement that worked for them. Naruto and Sasuke, she and Hinata and as she walked down Konaha's quiet streets, breathing in the cool morning air, she could honestly say that she had never been happier.



Hello and welcome. This fanfic is set in the boruto universe but it doesn't follow the boruto storyline. Instead it'a slice of life betwee sakura/hinata and sasuke/naruto plus their four kids sarada, boruto, himawari and kawaki ( and sometimes mitsuki who often comes over to play)


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