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A oneshot (or multi-shot) collection of MoLip thrown into different AUs


Fated : Planned by a controlled power, unavoidable

MoLip as two fated people, regardless of the kind of relationship they have, in this lifetime


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Vampie77 #1
Chapter 4: Cute :)
amari93 #2
Chapter 4: patiently waiting for part 2 ❤️
Vampie77 #3
Chapter 3: As much as I love this jealousy they better have a happy ending… why are you so good at writing?!
Vampie77 #4
Chapter 2: Wth my heart was fluttering and now I’m just sad! This is probably the best molip fanfic on the internet
Phisfounder #5
Chapter 3: I'm okay with both endings🤣💖
Phisfounder #6
Chapter 2: kay chocol ka na lang monika😁kung d kay chocol kay buckey na lang🤣🤣
Phisfounder #7
Chapter 1: 💖