Hey Love? — Musings of the Kindest Soul

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— after maybe years of trying to find a ground where I can express myself freely, I was led back to Taeyeon and Tiffany.  Surprisingly, this is still home.  

short, maybe a tad bit longer stories and a few shots of random thoughts that I have all just for my favorite couple. This is entirely random but promise—all happy endings only. Cross my heart, lock and key. 


hey love?


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Chapter 6: LOL, byebye James! Sorry, Taeny is inseparable!
Chapter 5: I ing love it too!!!!
This is too cute omagah!!!
Love this love this love this!
Chapter 4: I will be dead if I am Tiffany.
So fast, Taengguuu! So fast!
Chapter 3: So, do you wanna fast or slow, giiiirrrlllsssss

This is too cute!
Chapter 2: Soo: That girl dated entire team of ballerinas
Fany: Cute little Taeyeon would not even dare to carry a girl and slam her on a countertop right?

LOL. Which one is true?
Chapter 1: Been subscribing this for quite sometimes and now I finally read it! Huwwaaahh lobe the first chapter already ❤️
951 streak #7
Chapter 6: Hahaha when I saw the title I thought girl group red velvet 🤣🤣🤣 ... Oh James better look for another cause she's already taken...
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Chapter 5: Hahaha love it ...
Chapter 6: I died at that "I need you close to me "... 🥴
Taeyeon's thoughts are so funny. It's amazing how her mind works. 😁
Excited for the outcome of that red velvet! 😁
Chapter 6: I love your idea of story, so fresh and wait for the next update. Please update asap authy ☺️ enjoy your weekend