Chapter 1

The Perfect Moment!
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Silence reigned in the pack's nest, even though it was just a room with various items of clothing and the smells of the members of that apartment, it was everyone's sacred nest. Breathing was calm, after all, everyone was resting after a week full of work and college exams.

The two omegas, Minho and Felix, were lying down in the middle of the room, with their alphas and betas around them, but the youngest omega was feeling uncomfortable and was waking up to try to calm the craving that had arisen.

Carefully, the blond man freed himself first from the legs of Hyunjin, the alpha next to him, which were entwined with his own, and then from the arms of his omega hyung, who surrounded him even though he was completely wrapped up in the alpha leader of the pack and the cuddly beta Jisung.

XXX : Lix? (asked a sleepy voice)

The aforementioned looked around, noticing the second, but more chaotic alpha looking at him sleepily.

Felix : It's all right (smiled) I just need some tea

Changbin : Why? (he was getting up, trying to get rid of their alpha baby and the younger beta)

Felix : I just have a craving (he groaned in frustration as he felt himself getting worse)

Changbin : Something you ate?


Before the blond could answer, he felt his stomach lurch, so he ran to the other room to relieve his pain.

It didn't take Changbin long to get up quickly, startling the other two next to him awake and making their smells more intense.

The other three who were sleeping soundly were also startled, causing Chan to look around, trying to see where the danger was coming from.

Minho : Lix! (he sensed his dongsaeng's nervousness at the mark the pack shared and ran out of the nest)


The older omega found his omega vomiting while Changbin rubbed his back trying to calm him down.

Changbin : It's okay (whispered calmly)

Minho : Lix (he approached the blond man with the beautiful freckles, brushing his hair off his forehead)

Chan : Innie, could you make Felix some tea?

Jeongin : Sure hyung (walked off towards the kitchen)

Felix : Hyung... (fell against Minho)

Minho : It's okay (he left a kiss on the child's forehead)


Changbin and Minho helped Omega brush his teeth and then took a shower to wipe off the accumulated sweat.

The five members were on the sofa waiting for the other three to arrive. The youngest alpha of the pack made a point of preparing tea for everyone, since it wasn't even 5am.

Hyunjin : Better? (opened his arms to the little omega who threw himself at him)

Felix : I intend to stay (he pouted and was soon bitten by his birthday twin) Sorry for waking you all up

Chan : Forget it, the important thing is that you're better

Felix : Yes (he mumbled, sipping his tea)

Without the energy to leave where they were, the pack ended up falling asleep on the sofa, one on top of the other.

The sun crept lazily through the living room window, illuminating a few faces. Jisung flushed his cheeks in an attempt to stay asleep and hid his nose against the neck of his companion who was clinging to him. A cool breeze at the end of a summer's afternoon was the scent he smelled, and he immediately recognized who it was, so he intensified his sense of smell even further.

Jisung : Lixie (sly moan)

Felix : Sung

Jisung : Smelly ( his scent gland)


The excited smell of peaches made some members of the pack wake up, frowning in confusion.

SeungMin : Hyung... (clung to the other beta who was exuding a strong smell)

Felix : No (he replied, trying to get away from the beta and alpha who were holding him)


The youngest omega's denial aroused some confused looks, since he was always the first to fill any member's need.

Chan : Felix?

Felix : Yes?

Hyunjin : Angel, is everything all right?

Felix : The craving hasn't gone away yet and I'm getting a horrible headache (he grumbled angrily) Sorry Hannie but not today.

Jisung : It's okay baby

Minho : I'm going to prepare something for us to eat (he stood up, hearing his body crack) Wh

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