Jimin, when he gets a house

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Something…random came up in the internet.

He shuckled and belted his knee.

He laughed out loud at the comments.

And he peeked through his fingers at the model. Chinese maybe.

And he deleted it while Taehyung gave the camera a huge grin, showing his pearly teeth smile.

He sniffed watching the scene.

Idk why, but Irene’s here talking about her ex.

She ate from the dinner plate but slowly talked. Well, he didn’t hear anything from atleast. And he kept eating.


Taehyung nudged his foot and he looked at him.

He put a grape…or two. In his drink and spun it around. Yum, Jimin thought. He wish he was the drink. Then, he dunked the rest of his dinner away in the trash can that RM left opened.

RM and Taehyung then excused themselves and left to go to the bathroom.

Man, I wish I was Irene. As she sat back down, next to her an older man patted her thigh with affection.

He opened a candle box and lit it. He checked the box again and put it down. It was light caramel and snowflake flavored.

Jhope looked at it and sniffed the candle scented and liked it.

Omg, then he checked the date. 11/3/23. Okay, well he had a month to decide who he liked I guess.

Taehyung came back down stairs with a gleam. He put some star chips and Nintendo gaming slots on the wooden table. He was pleased with the house.

He didn’t have to work anymore.

He was happy.

He played more.

He wished he was more…appealing.

He stared at him some more, as Taehyung played with his glove. He can’t believe it. He can play well.

He’s at disbelief at the scene as Taehyung stuffed his tongue out and struggled with the glove with his hands wiggling it around and burst out laughing as something came off of the glove.

Go Yugi.

The End.


Whatever Irene. Just get going. I don't know you or wanna know you. I'm only nice bc I wanna be, got it?

Anyways a one shot where Jimin gets a house and computer and plays with it.


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