Anthology of Life


1) Endless Moment - Hong Eunchae & Yang Jung Won

In this cold world without anything of special value I am living, I have been waiting for someone who is just like me.

For us to get rid of this loneliness together. 


2) You May Leave Now - Wendy Son & Johnny Seo

If only you had loved me when I loved you, you would be the best man in my dreams. But now you swear that you have changed for me.

There is nothing left to talk about. I now have someone else to win over.






Every day I see people doing great things in the world. What do they have in common? The courage to go after their dreams and make a positive impact.

- Richard Branson


This is a compilation of one-shot stories featuring a number of KPOP idols. The stories may be light, sweet and relatable to some of us. I hope you enjoy reading these short stories!


Have a good day :)


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