V's 28th Birthday Story

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V’s Little Birthday Present 28th

By Winnie Chau


There was a breezy day came where V opened a closet inside a hanok village house. There were his folded clothes. From bright colored t-shirts  to dark colored leggings and pants. He saw Yeontan walk up next to him and opened something with his paws. And then he went in. He closed the cabinet doors and slept there for the night. Today was August 8, 2016.

Suddenly, a box was dropped down from the closet. He picked up and opened it. It was Yeontan’s head inside. Lolololol. But, not, his head. It was his tail. Dang, he said. He put it back down onto the cabinet again. I wonder what will happen this time.

But what are excuses. Huh.


…I just did that.

Suddenly, I can hear my members voices.

“Hey, V! What is that you got there?” RM said.

“Oh, huh. I found an old box and opened it. It was Yeontan in there. Hahah, some trick box”

“Lol, I wonder how it got there.”

He opened it again. Yeontan was in there.

Oh, it was a dream.

He woke up.

He was in his room again in Brooklyn. He looked at his gray colored walls and sneezed. He hated allergies and dust. He looked at the dust particles gathering into a pile on the top of his windowsile and sneezed again. He started to get sad again.

God, I hate that .

He grunted as he pushed a Korean lady over the Dunkin Donuts standee. He wasn’t happy.

He heard many fans complain over him as she kept the line from going up. He needed his donuts and coffee, now.

And plus, if he was here too then…

Lord, help me.

Its that Korean or what…Cantonese kid again, Melody or Winnie?

I need her now. That little kid.

And, …What the was his name…Jungkook?

He’s sweet and handsome, he thought.

He sneezed again. And damn.

He’s at his room again. He slept for another 5 minutes before waking up again. He sighed and groaned and got up and dusted himself off. He put his clothes in the basket for dirty clothes and ditched his jacket because it was warm inside. He put the clothes and set it aside and ate a bit of snacks in the room. Taehyung looked around again and sneeze. Aish, I wonder why there’s so much dust in here… But, but…

He’s back again, at the studio. He saw a handsome tall Korean man talking in the microphone, reporting about something in Korean to the audience. He stood there. He looked at him, forlornly almost in a trance. And then, stopped.

He realized he wasn’t with him, the man, Jin, anymore. They broke up 5 months ago because Jin liked another girl.

He sneezed again.

And was back in his Brooklyn room again. He tossled around a bit and sat on his bed after eating the chips and cookies in the opened bag. He sat there for a few minutes before looking over the window of his bedroom apartment.

And sneezed again.

And was back in the Dunkin Donuts shop. He blinked a few times and went to take a Pumpkin donut from the table before…

The person, Jungkook grabbed it first before his.

He looked up at him and smiled.


“Thanks, you’re cute.” Taehyung said after a moment.

“M’lady, I’m glad”

“You’re cute-“ Before he stopped himself. . Then...he blushed. Colored appeared over his soft, light Korean cheeks.

“Uhh...you’re cute too. Wanna sit?”

“Yea…” Taehyung mumbled a bit. He trailed off, almost in a blabber mouth tone.

Jungkook coughed. And laughed for a moment.

“Wanna be mine?

“Yea.” He said with a little smile.


Yep. Just his early 28th birthday present. None gives, none gets. It is now posted. Happy fluffyness day. Poor Tae. 


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