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Joohyun is a dedicated college student grappling with the heavy burden of her father's debt. In her quest to make ends meet, she finds solace in a part-time job as a babysitter for Seungwan's daughter. Seungwan, a single mother striving to balance her career and motherhood, entrusts Joohyun with the care of her precious daughter. Little do they know that their lives are about to be intertwined in ways they never imagined.

g!p seungwan



Wow, I am absolutely overwhelmed by the incredible support and community promotion for Fluttering Feelings😭Your generosity & kindness have truly touched my heart & I can't thank you enough🥺Your encouragement is what motivates me to keep updating the story, and I promise to do so as soon as I can🙏


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bestwenrene #1
Chapter 8: This reconciliation has been spectacular, what a great narrative of the first time of the golden couple, thank you for the careful respect in the writing. And thanks for the story author-nim, I'm looking forward to the end
bestwenrene #2
Chapter 7: I'm tears!!! I already imagined that it would be Joohyun's father who would do the most damage. God what suffering!! Thank you author-nim
bestwenrene #3
Chapter 6: Moonbyul is an unexpectedly brilliant character, I love her
bestwenrene #4
Chapter 5: This slow discovery is wonderful
bestwenrene #5
Chapter 4: ¡Diooooooos! This is beautiful. The kiss on the beach has been incredibly romantic.
bestwenrene #6
Chapter 3: I already imagined that Sana's father would do that. I'm afraid Seungwan will end up in bigger trouble if she doesn't refuse in favor of her business. Thank you author-nim
bestwenrene #7
Chapter 2: Oh my God!!! my heart beats fast and I can't stop smiling at that scene at the end. Thanks to Minjeong and our author-nim
bestwenrene #8
Chapter 1: What a beautiful chapter, Minjeong is a very cute and quite naughty girl, she should get together with Sooyoung and Seulgi haha.
bestwenrene #9
Hello, my friend just shared your story with me so I'm going to start until the time comes for 'Cosmic', I'll read with a good heart :)