The girl in my dreams is our new student?


> Jimimjeong/winrina college au

> english 

>Pls forgive me, i just type and post. I rarely check to edit aseifjaseif

> I might commit to this, i might not but i hope you enjoy somewhow. :D



You (Minjeong) have been having dreams about a girl. You found comfort and a companion with this imaginary friend. Sometimes dreaming about someone imaginary is better than having an actual relationship. But what do you do when the girl in your dreams turns out to be a real person who is standing in front of you now as a new student at your university, in the same course?

Is it good? This is my first time writing a fanfic :")


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Chapter 6: Jimin doesn't care about anyone else, if it's not Minjeong😊
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Chapter 6: Visiting chapter next??
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Chapter 5: No Minjeong 😭💔 it's ok, you have Karina now
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Chapter 4: Does falling asleep smiling for the 1st time mean that Minjeong had a traumatic past 😭💔
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Chapter 3: YES IT'S GOOD!! I hope you stay committed! I love where this is going ❤️
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Chapter 3: I loved this story😍❤❤❤❤❤❤
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It is really good 🙌 really love the flow of the story!
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Chapter 1: This is actually really good. Wouldn’t know this is your first time writing if you haven’t mentioned. Keep up the good work :)