A sailor’s luck

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On a stormy night, merman Kibum takes life into his own hands by saving that of a helpless human sailor.




Based on prompt #57: when the ship is sinking, character a prays and begs for someone to save them. character b, a sea creature, does. and now they don't know what to do with character a.


Disclaimer: there are some talks/references about death and drowning in this story. Please be aware. But no major character deaths.



This is one of three fics that I wrote for Summer of shinee round 5, which wrapped up just recently so I can now post them here too. (they are also posted on ao3) Hope you will like it!

Please make sure to read the other amazing Taekey entries too <3


"I wanna feel" by HanabiPC

- Taemin is released from military service and now wishes to be released from his ambiguous relationship with Kibum. 


"Sweet misery" by Imaginari

- Taemin, for all intents and purposes, was not ready to be king. But he wasn't going to let anyone else be one either. 



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