That One Summer

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Drinking, partying, hooking up—eto lang naman ang normal na ganap sa everyday life ng isang 'Queen Bee' na si Karina Yu. The media seems to love her as well, dahil wala atang araw na lumilipas na hindi siya ang laman ng mga news article. Karina really couldn't care less about it, to be honest, but as the youngest daughter of one of the most influential families there is, she was a disgrace.


Tired of his daughter's antics, Karina's father decides to send her away to live in the province as a punishment for her behavior. Will that finally be the reason for Karina to repent for the things she has done in the past, or will she continue to wreak chaos in an environment clearly different from her normal?

...Or will her life completely change as she encounters new people along the way in that one summer?



Hello! This is my first time writing in this platform and to be quite honest, I'm still thinking if I should write this here or make this a socmed au, but I would gladly appreciate some feedbacks! 


i didn’t expect this to get a lot of positive feedbacks and it’s quite overwhelming.. thank you! :’)


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Chapter 2: Rina's childhood may be tough but it doesn't justify her actions toward the people around her.
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Chapter 2: oh rina :<<<<<<< and i really like how this story is written T^T ang ganda
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Ipon chapter 😁
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loveinlights #5
Chapter 1: this looks so promising already! i look forward to the next chapters. (btw i really like your writing style)
Chapter 1: Seated
gorjushuya 32 streak #7
Chapter 1: i love it so much alreadyyyy 🥺🥺🥺🥺🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 please keep writing it.
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dito niyo isulat please :>>>
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Seated for this! :>