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Everybody knows Lee Taemin. He's one of the biggest idols in kpop. Or at least, he was. 

Before he completely disapppeared from the industry without a trace two years ago, at the height of his career. 

Jihye is a student working to get her masters in child psychology, working part time as a babysitter to earn some money. 

When a family member reaches out to her asking if she'd be interested working for a wealthy family, Jihye doesn't think anything of it- she immediately says yes. 

But when she discovers that the child she's babysitting is actually the secret love child of Lee Taemin, her mind is completely blown. 

But the thing is- he can't keep this a secret forever. It's simply impossible. 

He can't have both. Either he can be the legendary idol that has been performing since he was a teenager, or he can be a father to the four year old girl that was suddenly dropped on his doorstep two years ago. 

And all Jihye can do is hope that she won't be caught in the crossfire, especially when she starts developing feelings for him. 

Because if his fans discover the truth, that will be the end of everything. 


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unspokennostalgia #1
Chapter 11: Really excited for what’s about to unfold after Taemin picks her up!
nomfor #2
Chapter 9: This is so sweet <3
Yifantaesy #3
Chapter 9: Hahaha She's so protective of Taemin. Sophie's reaction on seeing Taemin was epic.
Taeminahhh #4
Chapter 9: Hi. I'm glad you finally updated. Sophie's reaction to seeing Taemin at the airport is normal. I would have reacted the same way. He's a celebrity. It comes with the territory. He's also a cool employer. I I would have loved working for him.
unspokennostalgia #5
Chapter 9: I love the stories’ pacing and your writing style. Can’t wait to see Jihye and taemin’s progress in their relationship!
Yifantaesy #6
Chapter 8: Aww Yuki has made a friend. Jihye is scoring some points in Taemin's books.
Yifantaesy #7
Chapter 8: Aww Yuki has made a friend. Jihye is scoring some points in Taemin's books.
Taeminahhh #8
Chapter 8: Wow! I didn't know this story could get any more interesting. Your writing is amazing. Jihye's character is realistic. I can relate to her. I agree with Euisoo. Idols need some privacy too. I'm so glad that Yuki is starting to warm up to Jihye.
jenlisaaabop #9