my roommate, my vampire

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Wendy has a weird roommate, but she doesn't think she's weird. Just a little quirky. And that's what she kind of loves about her. A slice of life romance AU.


Cover credit to @tinywenrene on twt for making a cover for my story my first cover πŸ˜­πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ«‚πŸ©·πŸ’™

GUESS WHO IS OFF THE FKN WRITING BAN THIS MAKNAE COMING BACK EVEN MORE OF A MESS (bc i hate studying and im really questioning my life choices but i'm in too deep to stop)

ANYWAY welcome to a new old story and what i mean by that is before ALL of the projects i've written, this was my very first wenrene story i ever wrote back in 2020. back then i was still getting wenrene voices and still learning about their personalities, which is why i never posted it, but i think i did a solid job and tbh this is the story that kind of bore all these subsequent ones ie Bae's Anatomy, you're a reason, and my secretary, my soulmate bc everytime i got stuck on a scene in this story i ended up writing something new to kind of get through my writer's block

I realise that the problem with this story isn't the story itself but I kind of got hung up on "where to take the story" until one of my little's was just like "isn't it just a slice of life, so there's no real plot anyway" and i thought....damn she right -- so anyway enough backstory ABOUT THE STORY

this is a SLICE OF LIFE ROMANCE AU which means wenrene meeting for the first time and falling in love (have all the uwus lesbians! and lesbian enjoyers!) featuring:

  1. medical student wendy (oh gee i wonder what story that leads to)
  2. phd student joohyun
  3. vampire joohyun (i wonder which personality traits you'll notice)
  4. genius idiot wendy bc NO she will not even notice her roommate is a vampireΒ 
  5. full dramatic irony mode bc yall know joohyun is a vampire and you're just going to sit here and be like "uhm...when does the vamp thing happen?"
  6. lots of fluff, lots of domesticity, lots of will they/wont they
  7. they fall in love

for all intents and purposes this story isn't very well edited bc....i'm just lazy, im so so lazy, but i hope you can still enjoy it all the same!

i need a break, again im sorry


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Chapter 1: If only it was that easy to find a roommate!
yoonalim__ #2
Chapter 1: is it that easy to get a room at a cheap price? and again your roommate is a bae joohyun doesn't that hit the jackpot
yoonalim__ #3
Wow, this looks like an interesting story from the title and description it is clear!!!! vampire roommate wow
work (life actually) kicking me in the but I cannot wait to finally read this from the very beginning soon!!!! i miss my favorite pair of roomies turned lovers 😭

ps. hellooo the poster???? is so ing cute 😭
1005 streak #5
Chapter 17: I haven't seen if you've continued their story line but the way you've ended things on this one is nicely wrapped up, it was a nice story gave you enough info to be gripped but not so much you knew how everything was gonna happen
Recca1 #6
Chapter 17: They are So sweet caring and loving, loved this story. Sad it had to end but all good things do. Amazing job author!!! Can’t wait for your next story!
1005 streak #7
Chapter 3: Get up Wendy! 🀣
35 streak #8
Chapter 17: Thanks for the story~ Would gladly wait if ever there is a part 2 πŸ˜„
Chapter 17: Noooo! I can't believe it's already done! I love your story!! Thank you so much for writing this and sharing it with us. I literally wait to read your chapters at night to end my day in a good note!
venusearthxx #10
Chapter 2: This is really entertaining since the beginning, thanks for letting me read this