that summer (you and i)


sakura and kazuha's series of logs as highschool sweethearts.


—petalz highschool au.

how i've missed my soft duo <3 just as the desc says, this will be a collection of petalz' daily highschool lives as e/o's sweethearts!! some chapters prolly wont go in order, i kinda wanna mix up the timeline when i see fit 

its been 2 months since the last update, im so sorry to those who would regularly check in and anticipate a faster update 🙏🏻 just know that however long i take, i intend to update this precious story and end it :)) hope u enjoyed


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Chapter 8: omg this chapter! I totally didn't expect such concept but it was soo cute 🥹 Them celebrating their 5 months together as if this was at least 5 years 🫠 come on, they are so in love your honor! I rest my case 😔✊ and their gifts to each other were so cute 🥹 zuha thinking already about their honeymoon 🤭 also, zuha's letter reminded me of how irl zuha's letter for sakura's birthday was sooo long 😂 i'm so happy you didn't abandon this story, i'll be patiently waiting for the next update however long it may take 🫶🫶🫶
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Chapter 7: I've been reading this since the first chapter and everyone of them never fail to make me smile, just love the way you write. ❤️
Chapter 7: You're back! Lately, I was getting worried that you weren't posting but I'm so glad you came back to us 🥹 Gosh! Where do I even start with this one? Okay, maybe first your fanart!! So cute!! 🫠 but I'm kinda sad to hear it'll be the last one 😔 but it's okay, I understand 🫶 Now back to the chapter! What a clever use of an irl event! 🤣 I would never expect it but it was so fun to read, especially the part about Kazuha being all jealous and wanting to hide Sakura, but honestly, who can blame her? 🤭 And I loved the little glimpse we got into their cute friendship with Eunchae, Yunjin and Chaewon while still keeping the focus on Petalz and their relationship, I like how the rest is always teasing them 😁 Zuha following Sakura everywhere, she is not beating the puppy allegations 😂 And the ending got me squealing, crying, throwing up 🫠🫠 Kazuha putting herself in timeout cracked me up, i loved it 😂 but then their making out!! that was so sweet and wholesome and made me feel all fuzzy inside, especially when Sakura said i love you 😭 i feel like for this fic, that's the perfect level of intimacy, i imagine the two would 'cross the line' so to speak, once they would like graduate and went to college or uni 🤔 though i would argue that making out is a ual intimacy, but that's just me 😅 anyway, i loved this update, i'm happy you're back and i'll patiently wait for more ☺️ ps. shh, it's okay petalz nation have been always surviving on crumbs, but at least we know that Zuha likes the fact that Kkura is a T, that's my latest favorite crumb i hold onto 🥹
Chapter 6: omg, you've done it again! you melted my heart and gave me everthing i ever needed, petalz taking care of each other when they are sick 🫠 the way you portrayed lovesick kazuha felt soo spot on, her cheesiness cranked up to the max made me giggle and kick my feet 😆 i loved it! and that line about Sakura being the only flower in Zuha's garden that was so sweet and well-written 🥹 this is i think my favorite chapter so far, the fluff factor was through the roof and i kinda hoped it would never end, and it was also funny with all the teasing they did to each other 😆 AND THE FANART!! IT'S SOOO PRETTY!!! 😭😭 i hope you'll be able to do some more sketches like this 🥹 words can't express how glad i am that you decided to write this story and now we even have fanart for it 😭 thank you so so much 🫶🫶🫶
Chapter 5: i missed this! 😭i was wondering when you'd update and here you are with another amazing chapter 🥹 first of all, never apologies for how long your chapters are, the longer the better! 😆 second of all, i absolutely loved this chapter because protective sakura is my favorite genre of her 🥹 i can totally imagine her as someone who once reaches her limit won't hesitate to deck someone in the face, especially when standing up for the person who is dear to her 😁 but kazuha was also super cool when she almost hit those mean girls with the ball 👀 and don't worry! there was still plenty of fluff to make up for the slight angst and you even gave us a bonus! which i loved btw 🫶 i'll never get bored of the petalz trope that's comparing their hands sizes, it's their thing and it's absolutely adorable 😆
Chapter 4: I couldn't have imagined a better start to my Friday than with a new portion of Petalz's fluffy cuteness 🫶 This whole chapter reminded me of their blink and you miss it moment in the flash forward bts when Sakura sits on a bike with Kazuha and embraces her from behind and pokes her stomach 😭 It's one of my favorite moments between them even though it lasts like a second 😅 So this chapter was a real treat to me and the 'babe' at the end was just a cherry on top 🫠 I also won't ever get bored of Kazuha and her melt downs whenever kisses are mentioned, or her strong need to become a Miyawaki 🤣 It's just so cute and endearing 🥹 And although you say that they are hard for you to write, I honestly don't see it in your writing? 🤔 I like the situations you come up with to describe between them. They are all just mundane things but the soft affections they share during those moments feel so special and are so fun to read ☺️ So don't worry, you're doing amazing job with this story! And I'll patiently wait for another update 😄
Chapter 3: Can this like never end please? 🥹 I'm highly addicted to this series like you have no idea how obsessed I'm about it. Whenever I see an update I just stop whatever I'm doing and I read it right away. You're giving me everything I ever wanted to read about these two with those stories and it's almost too good to be true 😭 Their playful, gentle kisses, their hugs, Kazuha constantly thinking how pretty Sakura is and Sakura thinking how cute Zuha is, it's all just so perfect 🥹 And you write so well I can perfectly imagine their every emotion and it leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside 🫠 I'll just never get bored of reading about those two being just the softest girlfriends to ever girlfriend 🥰
Chapter 2: they are so freaking cute i want to punch a wall 😭 how can a simple act of eating a sandwich be so adorable? and don't even get me started on the under the table flirting... i'm writing this as a sentient puddle of goo because i simply melted reading all of that 🫠 also the 'please let sakura turn me into a miyawaki' line may be my favorite line i read in a petalz fic so far - it's cute, funny and relatable 🤣 thank you so much for giving us such precious petalz content 🥹🫶 btw do you maybe plan on writing chapters from their past as well? i'm very curious who was the one to first confess and how it went 👀
Chapter 1: Chapter 1: I already left you a comment on ao3 but I decided to write one here as well because why not lol I just love how well you capture petalz softness, that balance between their shyness and boldness, i really think it's a dynamic unique to them and you write it perfectly 🫶 edit: a tip for crossposting, post it first on ao3 then only copy source code to aff and you won't have to do anything else ;)