The Grim Reaper

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Lee Hyukjae was supposed to live in Seattle, but he went on a solo trip to Korea because he was immersed in Korean cuisine. The spiciness that Korean dishes offered looked tempting to him, so he decided that his first solo trip would be to Seoul, Korea. But, the thing was, he could see the ghosts. And obviously, he can see the other thing which was owned by the other side of the world.


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Chapter 1: This is both funny and scary. 😂😅
Chapter 1: Hyukjae dies hard. figuratively and literally. 🤭 Donghae works better on Tv than a grim reaper for real. Cute fic, kak!
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Chapter 1: Demons go where they please, hm? Makes sense, especially literally ones like incubi.

Hyukjae has his (very Hyukjae-sounding) priorities straight. Focusing on all the food he wants to eat and ignoring all the spirits, demons, etc. Except when it comes to his food, haha. Can't let it burn!

Was thinking that maybe the reaper got the timezone wrong, since Hyuk is a foreigner after all. But it was really some other error Donghae made, and now there's a stray spirit somewhere he didn’t collect. Oops. (This somehow does sound like something Donghae might do as a grim reaper lmao.)

This was a funny one!
Chapter 1: Clumsy hae always cute 😆 you need to take hyukjae on a trip donghae.. 😁
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Chapter 1: Cute!! Now you're stuck with hyuk, grimmy hae! 😝