classroom 42 and 66

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Irene, the cynical, experienced teacher clashes with Wendy, the new bubbly teacher right across from her. 


Monthly update: Every 30th

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Grumpy x Sunshine

Description: Wendy Shon had just graduated from a prestigious school with a Master’s Degree in education and landed a job where she would be teaching teenage high schoolers at Sun High School. As she begins her first-day teaching, her students warn her of the most intimidating, strict, teacher in the entire school. Coincidentally, her classroom is right across from that said teacher. Her name is Ms. Bae and everybody fears her, including the school's principal. And as Wendy starts her teaching career, she runs into a few problems with her classroom neighbor...

Trigger warnings: none


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wenstonwan #1
Sunshine wendy!
Riscark #3
Grumpy X sunshine, I'm here for it
zzzzzzz1 #4
Yaaaay, can't wait for this! Thank you.
Looking forward to this