The (Marshmallow) Bodyguard

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It took influencer Sanalala (or well, Sana in real life) ten video clips to notice it at first. It took her another twenty clips to realize what it was.

"Omo! Omo! The men in black multiplied!" gasps Sanalala in horror, resembling a terrified hamster with chopped bangs in human form.

Sanalala instantly rushed to the scene of the crime to report her findings.

"I am telling you! One of your employees are being stalked! Not just by one, but TWO creepy men!" shrieks Sanalala with her two fingers up to emphasize her point to the unbothered security guard.

The guard took a deep breath and was ready to reprimand the said influencer for the amount of footage filmed in their building (without their permission!) when the said stalked "employee" finally caught his attention.

(Well, Sanalala – Sana was definitely mistaken. There were more than two men in black.)

Or the Marshmallow MV au fluffy (and crack) one shot I could not get out of my head.




"Call Mina into my office."

The staff immediately bowed their head at the stern order. "Yes President Myoui."

Mina worriedly bit the inside of her cheeks. Ever since she began her part-time, her father never called her to his office. Mina knocked on the heavy mahogany doors of the office and lowered her head in greeting to her father.

Mina hid her nervousness at the unreadable look gracing her father's features – as far as she's concerned, she has been doing well at her job. Mina barely noticed the other woman in the room, if she had, she would've questioned why an influencer was in her father's office.

President Myoui cleared his throat and beckoned for Mina to come closer. "Do you recognise the one with the mask?" Mina took the laid photographs on the table in her hands. It was photos of her in several angles in different days, with some of her bodyguard –Minsu– in the shot. Just as she was about to tell her father so, she finally noticed the one in mask her father was pertaining to.

She would not have recognized the figure really, if not for that one still where they captured a closer shot (although highly pixelated) of those distinct cat-like chocolate orbs. (That seems to be staring wide-eyed open to a poor staff –who is likely startled and not terrified–  with the owner raising their closed fist...similarly how Super Mario would raise his fist while jumping...) Mina only knows one person with such features. 

Mina's wavy hair fell to the side as she tilted her head in surprise.









A/N: Hello, this is highly based on MiSaMo's Marshmallow MV! I was really motivated to write this after seeing that cute M/C fanart by user yamada_575 in twitter (It was a chibi version of the "Who did you put the hat on"! Very cute, so check it out). Don't worry, this will be fun, likely comedic and soft.

I'm not sure yet when I can upload this, but it will definitely be not this week, yet hopefully before MiSaMo debut with their album. So...

In the meantime,

Let me hear your thoughts so far!


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Chapter 1: i LOL at "Akira ignored the reports of his niece not doing any work and just drinking all of their coffees in their floor" Momo cameo.
No_looksies #2
Chapter 1: Oh this was really fluffy! Chaeyoung 's antics are so funny and I guess everyone around her just learnt to adjust with her XD!
Thank you for writing this story author nim! I read it right before bed time!
Myrulesmylife #3
Chapter 1: Wow..this was so sweet..a perfect twist to the marshmallow MV. Loved it
Chapter 1: oh, i thought it's going to be a long story
I'm so excited for this one. I've seen a Minayeon version and i can't believe i'm getting a Michaeng version too.😂 This will be like; The battle of Main ship vs. The Royal ship - for me😎😂😂
Myrulesmylife #6
Loving this... jealous Chaeyoung is gonna be fun