Bang! Bang!

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In 1890s Montana, Minho works tirelessly to keep his outlaw gang afloat after an unending streak of bad luck has them broken, struggling, and their numbers drastically reduced. During another heist gone wrong, he meets a beautiful stranger named Taemin, whose past is as much of a mystery as his present. 


Welcome to my newest story! I will do my darndest to upload consistently, but life gets in the way sometimes. I hope you enjoy this tale, which is like nothing I've ever written before!


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Chapter 12: I can already see that getting a straight answer out of Kibum is like pulling eye teeth, he is adept at shifting the conversation back to the other person. Minho is none the wiser than when he started.

Taemin’s feistiness is also so cute, even when he’s half asleep. Now, it’s time to get the baby cleaned up before he runs everyone out of camp. For his sake, I also hope he’s able to charm Aloysius. Good chapter, thank you.
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Chapter 12: Aaaaaah i love their banter and I think you handled it perfectly!! Also minho must SO in love already, being able to have Taemin literally ON him when he smells so bad 😭
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Chapter 12: What a lovely chapter ^^ thank you for updating!
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Chapter 12: For the most part, I've been a silent reader, but I do want to say how much I appreciate you and am enjoying this story. It's got so many questions that have yet to be answered. At this pace (which is fine, by me), it's gonna be a hell of a chapter count. I love the line about a "slightly feral" Taemin. Again, you seem to construct these characters in a way that's believable and true.
It's been a hell of a day and this has made it easier to bear.
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Chapter 11: Chapter 11: Since there was no body found, I have hopes that Minseok is still alive and they will find him eventually - probably in an unlikely place. Taemin is also very perceptive, not many people would have figured out about Kibum on such a short acquaintance. His show of abrasiveness was so cute though, can’t wait for him to have more run-ins with Minho’s bestie. Minho also has food for though as he begins to heal. Can’t wait to see the dynamic in the gang.
Chapter 11: Yeah, get him taem! Men can love men for sure ❤️‍🔥 about Minseok, i have a feeling that hes alive
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Chapter 11: Kibum loves Minho? I think I would trust Taemin about that, I'm sure he can feel it and they are both trying to set their territory on Minho. This will be pretty interesting! Can't wait to read the next chapter! :)
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Chapter 11: Oh thank goodness - Minho is still alive but not to good news - I love feisty, protective Taemin!
Chapter 11: Ahhh are we gonna have a bit of 2minkey love triangle??? I'm good with that as long as 2min is the endgame (hehe).
I have a feeling Minseok is alive.
Oh and waiting to see interaction between Minho & his niece. I seem to remember Minho thinking of her very fondly in the earlier chapters :)
Chapter 11: Aaaaaah i don’t care that this chapter is short, I think it plays an important role eheh Taemin just implanted the idea in Minho’s head that men can love men and opened Pandora’s box that’s for sure
Also oh no Minseok I hope he’s okay 🙈