Dealing with my pregnant wife

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Where in Minjeong dealing with her pregnant wife Jimin.


Enjoy reading.


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Chapter 1: lol cute story
Kannakobayashi09 #2
Chapter 1: Waaah cute cute!!!
103 streak #3
Chapter 1: Cutie po otor 🥹🥰
wnddmks_ 438 streak #4
Chapter 1: Cute cute nung mood swings ni Jimin pero ayoko mangyari yan sa akin in the future
Xaleyna90 #5
Chapter 1: This is cute. Author nim, what if you make sequel, on how their life after Minji come into their life?
No_looksies #6
Chapter 1: Aww this was cute!
Ps- author nim you repeated the story four times.. just wanted to let you know