Memento Madness


While helping her mother cleaning up, Yerim finds a photo album that could change the trajectory of her mother's life and hers.


Hi everyone!

It's my third attempt of writing a multi-chaptered WR story. I'm aware that I have two ongoing stories: Washroom Wonders and The Tale of Wendy Woman but I couldn't resist to continue this one. Haha. This was first written in December 2020 in my Google Docs and got five chapters already woohoo.

Here's my previous wenrene stories if you want to take a peek:

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- It's Squash Time!

- So Close to Being in Love

- No Insomnia Insomnia Club

- Sun Cream on a Southern Beach

Hope you can enjoy this attempt. Comments, upvotes, and feedbacks are greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much everyone!


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Chapter 5: Nooooo I like We sana tooooo but I'm a hardcore for Wenrene
WoWoe17 #2
Chapter 5: As much as I want Seung wan to move on, I'm also feel pity for Joohyun. I know I'm greedy but I also enjoy Wendy×Sana moments 🤧💙
WluvsBaetokki #3
Chapter 5: 12 years wow! That is such a long time but Seungwan still hasn't fully moved on. I hope they would rekindle their relationship now that Joo-Hyun is finally free.
I could never be Seungwan. Going to the love of your life's wedding. Seeing her get married oh God no!
1443 streak #4
Chapter 5: They should end up together even if starting over from friendship again
smarty0821 #5
A very interesting story! Looking forward how the story of wenrene redevelops ☺️
wenwrites #6
Chapter 5: joohyun still my number wan 😉
Chapter 5: I like sana but Joohyun still no.1.. hahaha
It seems like they still miss each other.
WenRene_77 #8
Chapter 5: I like sana too but Wenrene endgame I hope💝💙
445 streak #9
Chapter 5: omg im torn between sana and joohyun?!! 🫣 thanks for the update author!
Chapter 4: If they still have feeling for each other. I think universe will bring them back