Silent Desires

Forever Forbidden
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As the CEO of one of the most prominent companies in the country, Yongsun was used to being in control. She was firm but fair, demanding but respectful. However, there was one person in her life who constantly challenged her authority – Moonbyul. Moonbyul was one of the top employees in Yongsun's company, with an impressive track record of success. She was talented, driven, and confident. But she also had a strong personality and was not afraid to speak her mind, even to her boss. At first, Yongsun found Moonbyul's boldness refreshing. She appreciated the young woman's fierce determination and drive. But over time, their working relationship became increasingly tense. Yongsun began to feel threatened by Moonbyul's presence, as if the younger woman was somehow encroaching on her territory. Despite the tension between them, Yongsun found herself drawn to Moonbyul in a way she couldn't explain. She admired her strength and intelligence and found herself wanting to spend more time with her, to learn more about her. But Yongsun knew that pursuing a relationship with Moonbyul was impossible. She came from a wealthy, influential family with strict expectations regarding marriage and social status. Yongsun had been groomed her whole life to marry someone who could elevate her family's standing in society, and Moonbyul didn't fit that mold. Despite her internal conflict, Yongsun couldn't help but feel a deep attraction to Moonbyul. She found herself daydreaming about what it would be like to be with h
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_moomoo_nim #1
Chapter 2: noooo!!not the sad ending 😭
Chapter 2: pleaseee third chapter 😭 i need their happy ending i need it i-

but anyways thank you for the story!
Chapter 2: if i remember it correctly it was a one shot… now you made it a two parter… soooo what am i inclining? have you thought about making it a trilogy??? what do you think author-nim?? we all know moonsunies are hopeless romantics and ers for an angst with happy ending ;))
either way thank you for your time creating this story <33
mmm_0619 #4
Chapter 2: Please let them be together or let them find a way to be together. 😭💔
williammozart #5
Chapter 1: This is sad
Chapter 1: Continuation, author-nim? 🥺🙏🏻