A Red Rose Grew Up out of Ice Frozen Ground (JMJ)



Minjeong is safe, she is warm but Jimin will ruin her and she can’t do it, not when Minjeong looks at her like she hung the stars in the sky.  Jimin thinks if she was a little more brave and if it was ever possible, she would hang the moon for Minjeong too. 


Figure skating au! Jiminjeong! Childhood friends! To national rivals! To friends again! And then lovers! And then they're on the same team again!








Back with another jmj fic !!

This was inspired after I saw an influx of tiktoks about Sasha Trusova - the Russian figure skater. There were a lot of sad edits of what happened to her and I was somehow affected by it even if I know nothing about figure skating.

Much of whatever I wrote about figure skating and everything revolving around it is out of my comfort zone since i know absolutely nothing about it, but I hope you still enjoy <33





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Gyeolui 0 points #1
Beautiful story 👏👏👏
Chapter 1: Wow!
Chapter 1: I can’t express how much I love this story and I’m really glad that it was written so perfectly by you. Thank you so much for all your works. I’ve only started reading a few of them and I absolutely adore every single one. I hope to read more from you, author. 💕
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Chapter 1: THIS IS SOOOO GOOD 😭🙌🏻 🦋
mina_sr_my #5
Chapter 1: oh my god!!! this was very delightful to read! i love love looove stories like this. thank you for sharing it with us, author! <3
Kannakobayashi09 #6
Chapter 1: ♥️♥️♥️
kmj4yu #7
Chapter 1: Hello, this is my first time commenting on someone's story and i had to do it to you. thank you for creating such masterpiece and sharing to us. I'd kill for someone who writes like you 🥹 I love this story so so much and it holds a special spot on my heart. You just made my day with this fanfic!
Chapter 1: Wow what a beautiful story 🥹
Chapter 1: Wow. Amazing story. Very fluffy.
I laughed at the Winter imagining herself as a potato attached to a ceiling fan.
I also love that Winter and Karina are just sweet to each other.

Will definitely read this again if I read something angsty cuz they're just too cute!
Chapter 1: beautifully written