Nanny for hire

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Jungsoo needs someone to take care of his niece. His niece was left alone with him after his parents got into a car accident while on their way home. He had no choice but to hire someone because even though it was his niece, they've been so distant and didn't get along well.


In the middle of finding a nanny, his niece got lost and met someone; someone that would change his niece's life and would make everything easier for Jungsoo.


That someone named Heechul. A 25 year old man and also looking for a job. He needs a money to pay for his overdue rent because if not, his landlord would kick him out in a heartbeat. When Jungsoo offered him a job with a good deals and opportunities but had a rules that he should keep in his mind, Heechul still accepted it.


After spending time with the both of them, Heechul feels something; a feeling that he shouldn't feel. Heechul broke the rules that Jungsoo made for him. 


[A/N: I did search for the word 'nanny' and it refers to women nanny and for men, it should be 'manny' but i still decided to use the other one. I feel like the word 'nanny' is better to use as the title of my story. Anyway, I'm not sure if this story would have a lot of chapters or not. Let's see if I can still manage to survive this one lol. Also please bare with me...I can't connect my phone to our wifi (any wifi) so I'd probably take so long to update this story/chapters. Don't worry while I'm not updating, I will write more chapters and post it once I have a connection. Thank you~ <3] 

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