Maybe This Time

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Dahyun's teeth are aching bad, so she really has no other choice but to pay a visit to a nearby dentist... who unexpectedly happens to be her pretty college crush who suddenly left everything behind five years ago.



Thank you for taking the time to read this work. It's my first time publishing a multi-chaptered fanfiction so I hope you'll enjoy it. I'm always open to constructive criticisms for the improvement of this story and my own skills.

This will mostly contain fluff with some angst, and might even be slowburn-ish.

(1) This is purely a work of fiction for entertainment purposes only. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, businesses, etc. are all based on fiction. I am not affiliated with any of them and this work does not, in any way, show real-life representation of the mentioned characters, settings, businesses, etc.
(2) I am not a professional with experience in dentistry, law, or any other profession mentioned in the story. Procedures/processes found here are only based from my intensive online research.

All Rights Reserved. Please do not steal or copy my work. Reposting or re-uploading without my exclusive and explicit permission is strictly prohibited. Please do contact me if you see this work being posted anywhere else by others. This is also published on Wattpad.

Doctor Sana edit used in the cover is by user ARMYONCEfiles from Twitter.

Let me know what you guys think of the story by posting comments. Thank you again for reading and enjoy!

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I also updated the foreword. Please do read it again so you'll know what else to expect for this story.
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