I regret everything


Umm... this is my first oneshot and it's about Soohyun and Eunjung. Mianhe if it's not that good!



Credits for the poster goes to Footprints Artwork 2012


There was a body crying over what looked like a lifeless one. Blood was flowing out of the body and the tears were streamming down his cheeks. He dropped to his knees and yell from the top of his lungs, begging the body to come back to him.


"Please! Please! I'm sorry! I... love you..."


But it was no use, blood was everywhere and the driver responsible for it ran away. She died at the scene. He had now lost everything, his family, his career and now his love.

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Nice story authornim ^^
[deactivated] #2
dun readin n very gud. ;D will prob check out ur other stories 2!
crap man! i was already on the verge of tears reading the foreword xD
sweetcris23 #4
Eunjung died, my soojung heart is crying ಥ_ಥ
jongmal? okay! I'll think off something and I'll update you when I start writing it... ;) ye ke? thanks! orang mana?
Hey love your story about eunjung
can u make kikwang and eunjung storie
cinntaa ma cerita ko
I'm so sorry if it made you cry... Trust me, I had no intention of doing that. But I 'm happy at the same time because it moved you guys.. GOMAWO!! ^^
jahat soomin ! ko buat aku nangis ... :(
.this story is sad,,
.it make me cry,,
love this story so much...
it make me crying