Did Gumiho kill my wife?

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Moon Byul-YI, a wealthy engineer decides to travel with her wife to celebrate their 7th anniversary.

While spending a few days at an old village, they have sweet and romantic moments. Until the 31-year-old wake up with a very attractive and mysterious stranger lying beside her and the bedroom floor is covered with blood.

Desperate, Byul-YI grabs a sword hanging on the wall and tries to use it against the stranger while asking what happened to her wife.

The female confesses she killed the other woman and the engineer faints.

Soon, Byul's goal in life is get revenge.

Little does she know that her life is about to take the weirdest and most radical turn while she is dragged to the border between the modern and ancient times.


Under construction .

It will take some time.


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_moongalaxy #1
Chapter 9: their string...i can't remember what is it, but the soulmate string are there since the first time they fall for each other but have to face a lot of sufferings🥺
glad that they finally one again, but eventually yong have to make a decision🥺
can i cry?!😢
Chapter 9: That explains the connection… they are destined together 🥹. I’m concerned about his words tho, I hope byul’s reincarnation explains the “to live you’ll have to die” cause if not….. 😭…. Thank you for the update 🫶🏻
_moongalaxy #3
Chapter 8: ahahahahhaahahahahha that bluetooth joke got me cracked🤣👏🏻
and sheeshhh...during the scissor, the eclipse are happening🤣👏🏻what a great timing🤣👏🏻there's 2 eclipse are happening🤣🤣
Chapter 7: omg yong is so innocent but also so y, i need the next chapter lollll. but i rlly hope these two will keep developing their relationship and have the happy ending they deservee
_moongalaxy #5
Chapter 7: even though byul like little by little trying to be civil and open to yong, but their gravity can't be deny🥰
BeMOO1 #6
Chapter 7: Oh, how is she reading Byul’s mind now. I hope Gumiho won’t die. Next update please on to the juicy part
Pundi11 #7
Chapter 7: dude now im actually waiting for next chapter🤤
_moongalaxy #8
Chapter 6: what theee...
seriously?! oh come on!!
my emotions unstable with this chapter🤣
Chapter 6: i feel so bad for yong 😭 pls byul remember her soon!
Chapter 6: Dang that knife 😩 sweet turned sour