An Engagement Ending into A Brazen Beginning

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Yoohyeon gets a sudden call from Minji in the middle of the night with unexpected news.


"I love you, you know?"

Minji never looked so beautiful, gazing with her crinkled eyes and lopsided grin, with her head propped up by her arm and hand next to her own cheek. Such confidence exuded from her facial expression and words alone while her free hand still held the empty wine glass freely in between her fingers.

But wait, pause. Yoohyeon had to remind herself of what just occurred not too long ago, about what she heard. Grounded and with denial, she scoffs jokingly and plays it off with a mere laugh.

"Lying isn't a good look for you."




Tl;dr. Chance encounter with deukae irl while they were having dinner somewhere post-concert. I experienced confusion at such event. Walked past Jiu twice while she was hanging outside by the door without trying to interact at all. Brain went boom and the urge to write something popped out. This work is the result.


I wrote this on a whim, on the top of my head, while being inspired momentarily. It's also a change of pace from my other work that's really grim, dark and angsty. Sorry, but I need you to look away from the current ongoing works I already have on my hand because uhh.. well this one was inspired by seeing deukae in person, in all casual atmosphere, outfits, and environment post-concert. Bumped into them by chance while they were having dinner and something clicked in my head that's bringing me out of the writer's block—or so I hope...? Maybe thank Jiu because apparently walking past her twice during the rainy day did something and inspired me even just the slightest bit. Don't worry, I gave them their much needed privacy and literally didn't interact with them since they were out late along with their staff and all. The first chapter didn't come out too bad, I think.. so far. I'm actually satisfied with what I wrote out for once so I hope I can produce this one out fully. I'll try to make this short chaptered, but no guarantees on regular updates.


** Mature content is still TBD, but your voice and opinions are also counted and that influences whether or not it'll be written, so do comment for it.




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Dashaft #1
Chapter 2: Wow, waiting for the continuation ❤️❤️
Chapter 1: is there any new chapters? I mean if there is then I will wholeheartedly waiting for your story to be updated!!!