through the ocean waves

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Ryeowook had always loved the sea. And on one stormy night, the sea loved him back.


Is this inspired by this one pic? Yes, absolutely. Haewook has been feeding us like crazy and there are so, so few fics of them that I MUST write my own food. I tried to combine both the disney version and the traditional version for maximum angst (I love the Hans version more than the disney one okay, it is DEVASTATING) so I hope it translates!

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed writing Kyuhyun as a villain (thank you pam for giving me the idea!!) He truly has evil vibes and his ending crushed me a little bit inside. 10/10 would want to write Kyuhyun as a villain again. But also Kyuwook has some dynamics that would be fun to explore.

Anyway, if you read this rambly author's note, thank you, and enjoy!


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TaiShanNiangNiang #1
Chapter 1: Definitely appreciate your SJ take on the Little Mermaid, blending the Hans Christian Andersen and Disney version, with the SJ personalities. <3