how we got married.
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"A delivery for Kim Junmyeon."

The said male halts munching on his lunch, turning his head to the entrance of the teachers' lounge upon hearing his name.

The rest become interested, gushing as they witness a bouquet of white flowers in the delivery man's hold. Quickly patting his mouth with a tissue, Junmyeon hurries to tend to the courier.

"May I know who it's from?"

The delivery man chuckles softly, "There's a card inside. Have a nice day!" Junmyeon bows but he still is in confusion, "Thank you." He returns to the table after placing the bouquet near his half-empty lunch box.

Taking a seat, he closes the lunch box before staring at the flowers intently. His coworkers start to group around him with enthusiasm.

"These are the freshest flowers I've ever seen!"

"Look, it's from the most expensive florist in our town!"

"It might be from your secret admire!"

"Yes! Read the card, Jun!"

Even though his colleagues are all excited, Junmyeon is still puzzled.

"That can't be," He states as the pad of his forefinger touches the soft white petal of the flower before looking at them, "It can't be a secret admire because I'm married." None of them look eager anymore.

After a moment of pure silence, all of them exclaim at the same time, "You're married?!"

Junmyeon nods, shying away from their gaze. "You didn't tell us you're married!" Junmyeon brushes his nape, an embarrassed chuckle leaving his mouth, "We kind of agreed not to let anyone know."

One of his colleagues gasp while covering , "I've seen his spouse before." Junmyeon asks when and she explains she saw Chanyeol picking him up in his car.

The beta next to her questions with disbelief, "That's your husband? I saw him too!" Junmyeon pinks a little, "Yes, that's him."

He then explains they share the car sometimes, taking turns driving to fetch each other from work. "How could you," She mocks sadness, wiping fake tears, "We're all single here."

Junmyeon chuckles before it dies down, gaze averting to the bouquet. "Whoever sent this must've not known I'm married," He mutters, digging his hands inside the bouquet for the card. 

I know you don't like flowers because they'll eventually die but I sent it anyway. I'll be home late tonight so our date is postponed. I'm so sorry. I love you. From your husband.

Warmth rushes to Junmyeon's face at once, embarrassed and shy after finding out who the bouquet is from.

"It's from your husband!"

"How sweet!"

"He knows you don't like flowers but he sent it anyway, he said. Gosh!"

"Me and who?"

"You're still using the word date even after you two are married?"

"Yeah! Did you two just got married?"

Junmyeon clears his throat as he keeps the card in his bag, "It's our sixth anniversary today-"


Junmyeon laughs into the back of his hand as they ask in unison, their eyes wide with shock. "You need to tell us how you two met," The beta makes puppy eyes at Junmyeon and the latter sighs.

They still have time until lunch is over. So he tells them. Junmyeon ends the story just like Chanyeol did to the junior detectives.

As expected, they are not satisfied.

"M-Maybe next time? Lunch is almost over."

The rest sigh with dejection as they start to clean up.

Junmyeon fans himself with his hand, sensing his neck warming up as he remembers

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uwucifer #1
Chapter 2: Cuteeee3♡♡♡♡
183 streak #3
Enjoyed reading....on to another of you fanfics!
Chapter 2: Chanyeol is such a nice husband, sending flowers to Junmyeon and promising a date which would had succeeded if it wasn’t for his job. But Junmyeon was waiting for him and they got some sweet moments in between
Chapter 1: Junmyeon got really lucky that Chanyeol was there and could help him, they just happened to fall in love and thankfully the stalker got arrested. Chanyeol must be proud to have Junmyeon as his husband, everyone likes him.