My 5am Sunrise | winrina/jiminjeong a one-shot AU


Payne (W) strives hard to travel from afar to take pictures of the scenery of different countries. Not until, she met Syd (K)- a foreign student from Canada who struggles in the morning with what to paint on her final project.
Payne set her camera and tripod first before going to the balcony. She opens the door welcoming the cozy small balcony of the house. The cold breeze of the morning hits Payne’s skin as she enters the balcony. The front of the balcony welcomes her with the beautiful scenery of the sunrise.


“What a good time to start the day.” She thought while looking at the surroundings. Payne puts her self-made coffee on the small table, places her camera attached to the tripod in front of the balcony, and pressed the shutter button multiple times. While she was about to change the camera mode to video mode, the house next to her friend suddenly made a loud thud which makes her look concerned at the owner of the house.

Is the owner angry? It’s 5 AM…


"What is she doing…" Payne thought while she stared at the girl on the other side of the house.

"No, this is not good…" She heard the girl frustratingly erase something on a sketchbook.


- This story will be written in English ( I might also make this in twitter AU but will be written in Taglish).
- Maybe this genre will be crack or fluff I guess?
- Some humor may be dark.
- Please bear with some errors!
- This is a work of fiction. Not affiliated with any people in real life. Separate fiction from reality!
- If there's something off or below the belt contexts, don't hesitate to message me or point it out! (@jiguaeri_ on twt.)

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