Forbidden Kiss

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    so this'll be the first time that I'll write something quite different from my other AUs. I was contemplating for a while now on where to post this, on Twitter or here, but I realized that I'd be able to describe it here more completely than in a tweet. 

and thanks to @kjk_lucifer for making this cool cover for me<33.




Right, this story is based on a book that I've read. So I thought of making an adaptation of some sort. ><


          In which Jihyo and Somin are siblings. The two sisters were persuaded by a man with ice-cold kisses to join the circus. In the blink of an eye, they become ensnared by the carnival's enchantment, which attracts them like moths to a flame. Upon joining the carnival, they found that it is unlike any other carnival since it is protected by an enchantment and a century-old curse that prevents the performers from becoming injured or old. Breaking the curse appears to be their last hope for liberation, but without the curse, there is no charm, dooming everyone who calls the carnival home. including the man she fears falling in love with.

          With one kiss, everything, including his life, may end.


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Chapter 4: Oh, finally something starts, I feel I will like this one and it'll have an angsty edge, which is a plus. I never thought I will say this, but I think this is the first story where I like Insung. Will he appear more? I find him attractive in this story, even if I don't in the real world. I miss Jongkook, I hope he will appear in the next chapter. I need my brooding, mysterious Jongkook dose hahaha. Can't wait for the next part, I just can't have enough of this story. The only reason I open this site~
Chapter 3: I love you Sunny, I can't express enough times how much I missed this story.
Chapter 2: Ah, I was so waiting for this update, Sunny! Thank you, ily, you made my day. It was nice to see Jongkook's mind and life inside a little, and I am patiently waiting for the next chapter, whenever it is.
Chapter 1: I LOVE YOU SUNNY! When you first told me about this story, then when you updated the description, I knew I will like it. I can't even express how much I love it so far. First, I love circuses, and I sense this will be a dark romance which is another thing I love. I am sure Jongkook will be my favorite character (okay, he is my favorite anyway), he is so mysterious. Is he a siren, a vampire perhaps? I don't know, just assuming based on his portrayal so far. Whatever is he, he is mesmerizing. I also like Jihyo and Somin, and can't wait to read how the story will unfold and why Jongkook is called Pink Princess by that jerk.
Sunny, ahh thank you for this one! I love circus-themed stories, I can't wait to read this.