Torn in Two

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What if getting hurt isn't what we should be afraid of? What if the worst thing that could possibly happen to us is the darkness lurking within getting released once we painfully break down into tiny pieces? Maybe if Wendy had known all of this, things would've been different. Perhaps, all her wickedness wouldn't have been set free.


Hi! It's my first time giving my creativity a chance, so I truly hope you enjoy where my mind takes me from time to time.

First chapter's release date 12/16/22.


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Favebolous #1
Chapter 6: OH MY GOD
zzzzzzz1 #2
Chapter 6: Ooof of course they were not being honest, poor joy. At least they didn't kill her. Thank you so so much for the new update. This is such an interesting story, and I'll be honest, I do want Wendy to come back. She deserves to have a happy life 🤧 I have no idea how this will end, but yeah. Thanks again, genuinely can't wait for the next one!
cptncat #3
Chapter 6: wtf ang galing wala akong masabi speechless par
Sernji #4
Chapter 6: LETS GO NEW UPDATE!!!!
Narutinho1 #5
Chapter 5: I will be anxiously waiting here when you return, but don’t press too much, go on your time!!
Chapter 5: I've been a silent reader so far, but I love this story (and your writing style). I can't wait for an update! ❤
Sernji #7
Chapter 5: Thank you so much. I appreciate that you're back-- I truly thought the fic was dropped but thankfully it's not. Stay safe.
Chapter 5: Keep waiting for a new update 🙏❤️ take care author
449 streak #9
Chapter 5: fighting author!!! 🫶🏻
Chapter 5: finally thank u autornim🥰