Lf babies to spoil.


pretty girls? i need you.


lf girls to smother with all my attention and affection. offering my warmest kisses and hugs, soft bullying and domesticity, and yeah. i'll pound you into the mattress with a hand wrapped around your throat, just ask nicely.

  • i'm a female fc, switch with dom lean. baby me too and i'll love on you extra. i really just want someone to kiss.
  • if i'm comfortable with you i'll most likely make fun of you right away. such a lighthearted dynamic is ideal and gets me soft. laughing with you one moment and feeling you moan in my mouth the next? so ing cute.
  • open to experiment with kinks. hard limits at bodily fluids and violence.
  • i am weak for certain fcs but ultimately it's up to you, of course. missing yves rn in particular. + kim lip, heejin, jinsoul, hyunjin, xiaoting, yeji, lia, ryujin.
  • platforms include discord, twt. come warm my lap already.
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