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the book of us

If someone ever asks Seulgi if she thinks her little family is a perfect one, Seulgi will say no.

They are far from perfect. Hell, is there even a perfect family somewhere out there? Seulgi will say no for the second time. Maybe they manage to become a happy family—at least, in front of the public—but a perfect one sounds like a far-fetched thing to her.

Something as complex as a family, there will always be anything that flaw the image of what perfection means.

But if someone asks Seulgi what does her family mean to her, then she will answer everything.

There isn't one day when her family isn't included in everything she did with her life. She woke up with the presence of her wife (rarely) still sleeping on the other side of their king-size bed. She prepared their breakfast with her daughter pestering her over what kind of menu she wanted to have to start her day before she went to elementary school. She ate her breakfast while trying to stop her daughter from messing with her little brother and making him cry while eating his bowl of cereal. She gets ready to go to work with the sound of her wife scolding their daughter for forgetting to do her homework last night.

See, her family is far from perfect. It's practically a whole chaos everyday. Nothing runs smoothly like how she expected it would be when she married Seungwan on that one fateful day. 

Or when she got such huge news several months later after they tied the knot, that Seungwan got her pregnant with Ryujin in the same month they got married. Or when Seungwan accidentally got her pregnant again with Mark several years later, when they barely survived in taking care of toddler Ryujin and all the crazy shenanigans every three years old did.

Now that she thinks about it, it's never been smooth ever since the first day.

But Seulgi wouldn't change her answer about how her family means everything to her. Maybe they cause an annoying headache that bugs her endlessly in her day sometimes. Maybe they yelled and talked too loud on some nights, forcing Seulgi to quietly retreat into her working room just to listen to her calming collection of LP while letting Seungwan handle the warzone out there. However, all the chaos that happened, it's all worth it.

Because Seulgi doesn't remember the last day she never thinks about her family. People probably will say that she was a little bit corny on this when they heard her say it in front of their face, but it is what it is for her.

Mark's name always popped up in her mind whenever she spotted a bottle of ketchup while doing groceries, knowing how much he would groan when he saw it. Ryujin's name always popped up in her mind whenever she passed the toy shop on her way back home, knowing how Ryujin would drag her inside to buy her something if she was with her. Seungwan's name always popped up in her mind whenever she found a good album by accident, and wondered whether her wife had already listened to it or not.

It's the small things, really, that make her family so special in her life no matter how imperfect they are. 

There is a framed picture of four of them on the last time they visited an amusement park on her working desk in her office. And Seulgi will always smile when she sees the picture after handling tons of paperwork that causes her stress to crash hard into her fragile mental state like she got hit by a truck.

Well, she will still be stressed out when she gets back home. But it's still nothing compared to the workload she gets on a daily basis.

See? Her family is special in their own way. They are far from perfect, and people will often be wondering how come such a quirky family can hold it all together like they weren't meant to crumble down in the first place.

Still, Seulgi will never ask for something much better than this. She will try her hardest to keep the boat afloat, to keep them from crashing the rough rocks that always stand in their way of a peaceful family. She also knows it was hard, and things are much easier said than done. Yet, she will never back down from the challenge. After all, family will always be her everything.

Just like right now.



The called one groaned sleepily while shifting her body to another direction, fixing the blanket covering her body before continuing her sleep.

She heard her tongue click in annoyance. "Seulgi."

Seulgi answered her with a childish whine and a sleepy groan. She grabbed her pillow and put it over her head, hoping she caught the signal to stop trying to wake her up from such a good sleep.

Of course, a hope is merely a wish. Seulgi let out a painful squeak when she pinched her side in a strong grip, causing her skin to burn and her eyelids to open. She hissed from the ache and excessively rubbed the area where she just got pinched mercilessly. Seulgi feels annoyed because her beauty sleep just got disturbed when it's still so early for her to wake up.

"What?" grumbled Seulgi after pulling herself up from the bed. Her palm sleepily rubbing her eyes to erase the fog so she could see the culprit that is her wife without any distraction. "It's Saturday, Seungwan. Let me sleep."

"Ryujin wants to do something with you today," informed Seungwan as she pulled the blanket off from her body to fold it and put it on the end side of the bed. She also took her pillow and placed it back on the original spot, her silent gesture to force Seulgi off from their bed. "She has been talking about it ever since she woke up."

She let out another sleepy groan, still refusing to get up from the bed. "What does the little rascal girl want to do with me today?"

And the second painful squeak escaped from when Seungwan slapped her arm from calling their daughter a 'little rascal'. Seulgi only cursed under her breath as she tried to escape the sharp stare of her wife by pretending to still be sleepy when the feeling had long gone from her system. "The little rascal girl is your daughter, Seulgi. And why don't you ask her yourself? Ryujin refused to tell me what she wanted to do with you."

The sleepy head whines again, realizing there is no escaping in this matter. Especially when Seungwan watches her like an eagle would to their prey. She waited until she saw her leave the bed and their bedroom to go downstairs and talk with Ryujin.

Seulgi took a deep breath before standing up and leaving their bedroom to go downstairs and find Ryujin. She didn't forget to throw an annoyed glance to her wife first—who was beaming at her unapologetically—after disturbing her from a nice sleep and a deserved rest. Her palm covered as she yawned while descending the stairs, and couldn't help but to find it weird when she heard laughter instead of yelling and crying coming from the siblings.

"This is a weird occasion," muttered Seulgi to herself in pure confusion, her eyebrows furrowed when she spotted her children calmly watching a cartoon together without disturbing one another. "What did Mama do to the two of you?"

"Umma!" exclaimed Ryujin with excitement in her voice when she heard her soft mutters, turning her head around to look at her and immediately ditch the cartoon she currently watches with her brother to join Seulgi in the kitchen. The latter was busy pouring herself a mug of coffee with milk and took the cinnamon roll that was warmed by Seungwan for breakfast today to acknowledge the little girl's presence when she arrived beside her. "Good morning!"

She needed to hold back her snort when the first thing Ryujin did to her was greeting her politely. The girl rarely did that on a daily basis. "What do you want, my little menace?"

Ryujin widely beamed at her, still following her like a little duckling would to their mother as she joined her on the dining table. She was too happy for someone who wanted to ask something to her, Seulgi can't help but to be alert in case she was asking for other weird things. Like how she asked for a knife to perform real magic with Mark as her assistant (read: victim) last month, and Seulgi was too stunned to say something so Seungwan needed to be the one who handles everything (again).

Sometimes the urge to just scream at the universe for making Ryujin need to pick up the childhood trait that formed Seungwan into what she is now was too huge for her to hold back. 

Her wife was also pretty crazy as a child back then. Her parents-in-law told her the second time they met each other when they were still a pair of girlfriends, how Seungwan would use her father's razorblade to copy what he did and ended up hurting her tongue because of that. Seulgi would laugh at the childhood story like it was the funniest thing, especially when Seungwan's face turned red from becoming so embarrassed with the sudden exposure of her past life.

Now she couldn't laugh at that anymore. Not after she saw Ryujin innocently drinking the toilet water using a teaspoon when she was four years old. Shocking the life out of Seulgi, she thought her age got cut a half shorter as she witnessed that moment with her own two eyes.

"I want a grown up bike!" stated Ryujin suddenly when she wanted to take a small sip of her coffee. She can't help but to raise an eyebrow from the decent wish. "All my friends have grown up bikes. I want it too!"

"Well, I don't," Seulgi chuckled afterward, patting herself on the back mentally for the good reply she just said to her daughter. "Can you even ride a grown up bike?"

Ryujin nods excessively, looking too excited for a little kid who wants something. That means doom in Seulgi's dictionary because there is no way she will let her go without buying her a new bike. "My friends taught me how to ride. Now I want a new bike!"

Now there is absolutely no way out for her to get away with this.

They made a deal last year to prevent Ryujin from asking them to buy too much stuff she doesn't need if she can't use it. The deal works wonderfully because they save a lot of expenses that could happen if they always grant what Ryujin wants. 

This will be the first huge expense ever since the deal.

"Alright, I will buy you a new bike," granted Seulgi, but she stopped Ryujin when the little kid was about to jump in happiness. "But, I want you to teach your brother how to ride your current bike first before we get you a new one."

Her daughter falls into silence as she weighs her options. Seulgi uses the peaceful moment to continue with her breakfast because her cinnamon roll has become lukewarm. Cinnamon rolls don't taste that good if they aren't warm. It doesn't help either if her mug of coffee has become lukewarm too.

"Okie!" Ryujin easily agrees as she gives her a nod. "I will teach Markie how to ride a bike."

"Great," grinned Seulgi widely before she covered her smile with her coffee as she took a sip. "Shall we begin the lesson today?"


Seulgi chuckled as she watched over them from the window while enjoying her tea. It was a nice afternoon, and Ryujin decided it would be a great time for her to teach Mark how to ride her bike. She just decided to go along with her daughter's decision, can't help but to find it interesting how fired up Ryujin is just to get a new bike.

And Ryujin wasn't even going hard with her teaching method as she taught Mark how to ride a toddler bike. That's what makes it endearing for her to watch the whole process. Seulgi can see from the window how she was being so patient to her brother as she showed him step-by-step of riding a bike, and always motivating him to do it again and again whenever he fails.

She is becoming a good big sister. Seulgi can't help but smile from that.

"Seulgi?" her wife calls her from behind after she is done with her part of the house chores. She can hear her steps gradually coming closer to where she is. "Where's the kids?"

"Outside," answered Seulgi shortly, knowing Seungwan immediately looked out the window as soon as she joined her to watch their kids bonding over a bike. She leaned back to let her wife lean her body on her, so she could relax a bit after taking care of their laundry. "Turns out, our daughter is a pretty good teacher for her brother."

"Really? She did it by herself?" Seungwan chuckled when Ryujin jumped excitedly as Mark successfully rode the bike for the first time. "You didn't give her advice or something?"

"Nope," Seulgi answered with a pop. "It's all her."

"Wow," exclaimed Seungwan in honest surprise. "I didn't expect that at all."

Neither Seulgi, but here they are. Being so proud of their girl's personal development they couldn't help but to give her a gift for her good behavior.

"Don't buy her an expensive bike," reminded Seungwan before she left Seulgi alone to fetch herself a cup of warm tea. "My business is still not that stable yet. It's better if we push back our expenses if we really want to buy her a new bike."

"Yeah, I know," Seulgi rolled her eyes. Seungwan has always been like this. She always treats her like she will just buy anything for Ryujin when of course she will think twice if the price tag is more than what they are capable of. She is not that easy as a parent. "You acted as if I always buy Ryujin things on the first thing she chooses."

She can feel her sharp stare burning on her back. Seulgi tried so hard to ignore it. "If you didn't listen to my words, be prepared for what is coming to you later tonight."


Seulgi ended up buying the first bike Ryujin chose without checking the price tag for the second time. Seungwan punished her by throwing her pillow and a blanket out from their bedroom, telling her to spend the night sleeping on the couch in the living room. Seulgi can only accept her fate without trying to win her way to sleep inside the bedroom.

Well, the precious smile of Ryujin falling in love with her grown up bike is enough for Seulgi to get through the night.


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