﹆༉‧˚ 𝙙𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 ˊˎ- : gen n' non au facebook based rp. closed, thank you for the memories!

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"nights were so real that days began to seem like dreamlike."
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— one
be welcoming and respectful towards everyone. strictly no ic or ooc dramas, if there are any misunderstanding, please solve them privately or approach the admins. we will not tolerate selective replying, bullying, facechasing, or ship chasing. we are a closed and sfw rp so please do not add outsiders and refrain from bringing up 18+ contents on timeline.
— two
only one account per person. you must be 18+ OOc and your aff account should be at least 6 months old to apply. kindly unlock your profile as we will need to check. faceclaims allowed would be those in k-industry only who are 2004 and older. we will not accept reservations for any banned faceclaims like the deceased, involved in controversies, married, and asked not to be roleplayed.
— three
inform the page for any requests. cc and tcc both have 1 week cooldown with tcc lasting for 3 days. max hiatus is for 2 weeks while semi-hiatus is for 3 weeks with show of activity for at least once a week. p w is your favorite ghibli movie/any ghibli movies you know both hiatus and character changes can be taken after 1 week of arrival in the rp. please inform the page if you are leaving.
— four
love wins! 1 week relationship ban after arrival. our maximum age gap for relationships would be 7 years. moving couples are allowed, please state so in your app.
— five
show of activity is a must and will be based on timeline posts (minimum of 3 posts a week) and participating in games. inactivity for more than 5 days will result in an immediate kickout. changing of dps, sharing posts, or staying in pm do not count as activity.
— six
welcome and have fun at dreamlike!
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how to join
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— one
please make sure to subscribe to the thread. you must be 18+ to apply, and your aff account should be at least 6 months old.
— two
check our masterlist for available faceclaims. feel free to check the wishlist as well if you can't decide on who to be. comment below with the format provided.


— three
you have 24 hours to send in your link to the base once your reservation has been accepted.
— four
we reserve the right to reject any applications that do not follow the proper format, or ones that are from aff accounts that has been deemed problematic.
— name
— group
— ic & ooc age
— timezone
— password
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taken. reserved00. tcc.
aespa : karina ningning 
astro : eunwoo
blackpink : jennie rosé 
btob : minhyuk
bts : jungkook v rm jimin
enhypen : jay sunghoon jake jungwon sunoo
exo : kai sehun13
fromis_9 : chaeyoung
g-idle : yuqi
itzy : yeji ryujin
le sserafim : yunjin chaewon
loona : heejin olivia-hye
nct : jaehyun taeyong mark
nmixx : jinni
red velvet : yeri
seventeen : wonwoo mingyu the8
sf9 : rowoon
soloist : woodz eunbi bibi
stray kids : felix bangchan
the boyz : hyunjae younghoon
twice : nayeon sana 
txt : soobin 
wjsn : luda
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current event
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kai wishes for : complete exo, shinee (esp taemin), ha sungwoon, bts (esp jimin), more smtown label mates, and iz*one member

mingyu wishes for : complete svt, twice, blackpink, nct, 97-liner friends, and more hybe mates!
couple list
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mingyu x jennie : dating, 08/24/22
soobin x karina : dating, 02/09/22
kai x eunbi : married, 06/07/2021
closing applications for our 1st activity check!
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