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coffee beans & tea leaves

#HappyRENJUNDay!!! Huang Renjun hates coffee with a passion. Thankfully for him, unlike coffee, loving Jeno is not an acquired taste.

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By wearehellabrokehelp Updated
Tags  kpop   roleplay      yuri   exo   rps   straight   kpoproleplay   nonau   bts   mobile   instagram   nonaurp   mobileroleplay   mobilerp   instagramrp   redvelvet   instagramroleplay   instarp   igrp   blackpink   instagrambased 
With 7 votes, 130 subscribers, 4190 views, 170 comments, 1082 words
Status Subscribers Only

let me shower you in my affection.

By cataclasm Updated
Tags  roleplay   draft   twitterrp   mobile   kik   mobilerp   kikrp   twtrp   kktrp   kkt   semilit   semilitrp   rppartner   roleplaypartner   1x1   1x1rp   1x1roleplay   1x1kkt 
With 1 subscribers, 410 views, 11 comments, 537 words

your average, extraordinarily ordinary advertisement coming to a theater near you. here's to hoping the vast amount of these doesn't dissuade you in any way. i don't do this very often, but i've been feeling somewhat lonesome these days and i'd really like someone that i can link up with. i miss clicking with people and it's just been more than a while since i've spoken to someone having felt a genuine connection, rather than one of artificial

「 OPEN 」 ✧・゚: * ❮ searching for friendship ❯ *:・゚✧

By crystallizedbear Updated
With 2 subscribers, 300 views, 1 comments, 289 words

❮ i'm currently on the search for friendships. i thought that i'd give this a try and hopefully—this doesn't flop. heh.  my current platforms are kakaotalk, line, and twitter. if you enjoy memes, deep conversations, and anime—please click here! ❯  

     instagram ☆ indie rp ad / freelance | looking for group.  18+

By jjnhxox Updated
With 1 subscribers, 370 views, 1 comments, 292 words

looking for a literate roleplay partner!

By aestheticpng Updated
With 1 subscribers, 360 views, 2 comments, 312 words

◜ Pursuing someone.

By glimpsing Updated
With 4 subscribers, 49 comments, 442 words

hello, hello. i'm going to try and see how much this works out for me. i've been feeling quite affectionate lately and i don't necessarily have anyone to direct that affection to. and so as a result, here i am, making a thread about it. what else. here are a couple of pointers? 一    —   i, for the most part, faceclaim girls, but i do often faceclaim guys too. my u

searching for littles as a dom male. no gender pref.

By kar98k Updated
Tags  roleplay   mobile   kik   kikroleplay   mobileroleplay 
With 207 words

to the one reading this, mind sparing a minute or two to read what's below? i mainly use jeongguk as my faceclaim but i could possibly switch around to either other bts members, or seventeen's mingyu. my timezone is +8 and my activity honestly depends on my schedule. but don't you worry, i'm bound to replying quite often so i most likely won't leave you hanging for too long. though your faceclaim does not matter much to me, i

Pursuing a partner or companionship.

By disheveIed Updated
With 4 subscribers, 11 comments, 771 words

hey, so. i'm sure you're pretty tired of seeing these ads pop up in the roleplay tags, and you're probably (most likely) telling me to "shut up" in your head if i'm going to preach about how often they pop up. but, would you look at that... it's another one! surprise. kick me. please don't hate me for this. i don't blame yo


By agustddt Updated
Tags  twitterrp   facebookrp   mobile   line   nonaurp   mobilerp   kikrp   adminhiring   linerp   linebased   kktrp   igrp   linebasedrp 
With 6 subscribers, 210 views, 215 words
Status Completed


Looking for an affectionate person.

By blaireus Updated
Tags  roleplay   mobile   kakaotalk   mobileroleplay   mobilerp   kakaotalkrp   kktrp   kkt   roleplaypartner   1x1   1x1rp 
With 14 comments, 212 words

hiya, fam.  i've been out of the roleplay world for a while now and i'd love to make some new chingus. if interested, do pm me or comment down below with your kakaotalk id! so here are a few things about me;  one. i only faceclaim bts' kim taehyung. your faceclaim really doesn't matter, as long as you feel comfortable.two. my timezone is gmt plus one. hree. i'm a natural affectionate pers

Looking for someone to tend to my needs.

By soIarres Updated
Tags  roleplay   mobile   kakaotalk   line   mobileroleplay   mobilerp   linerp   semiliterate   kakaotalkrp   lineroleplay   kktrp   semilit   1x1   1x1rp   1x1roleplay 
With 13 comments, 305 words

greetings, fam. i've left roleplay world, or freelance world, to be more exact, a while back. but lately i've been feeling lonely, and quite affectionate. as a result of that, i'm making this thread. ah.  so here are a few things about me. 

seeking a partner!

By derivative Updated
With 14 comments, 574 words

hey, so i want to keep this as short and simple i can. i've been out of the roleplaying world for awhile and i probably won't officially join again since i'm only doing this to get someone who i can fully commit to and joining rps right now while i'm a college student is quite the hassle. but if this works out well like i'm hoping for it to and you want me to join rps with you, i'm more than willing t

looking for fwb.

By ncstalgic Updated
Tags  roleplay   mobile   kakaotalk   mobileroleplay   mobilerp   kakao   kakaorp   kakaotalkrp   kktrp 
With 450 views, 4 comments, 103 words

hey, guys. the title says it all.  

seeking out a partner to accompany myself with.

By ineffabIe Updated
With 5 subscribers, 17 comments, 603 words

hey there. um. this is pretty new to me and as most people say: i'm trying to make this at least the tiniest bit different from other advertisements that entail the same thing. long story short, i'm beginning to lack time for agencies. i'm getting somewhat lonely, so it'd be nice to have someone to talk to/accompany me by. a partner perhaps. here

looking for fwbs.

By dulcetgif Updated
Tags  roleplay   mobile   kik   kikroleplay   mobileroleplay   mobilerp   kikrp 
With 220 views, 2 comments, 112 words

the title says it all.  

⠀ ⠀ ㅤ . . .ㅤ looking for fwbs

By peindre Updated
Tags  roleplay   mobile   kik   kikroleplay   mobilerp   kikrp 
With 2 comments, 207 words

anyone’s bored? me too. still looking for partners. (closed)

By debunkcar Updated
Tags  roleplay   mobile   mobilerp 
With 1 subscribers, 6 comments, 176 words

i want cute girls to be gay with, since all i could see are people looking for guys. in all seriousness though, everyone's welcomed. talk to me.