Oh, Moon—and Stars!


At first, I thought, "Oh, how pretty."

Until I realized what this endless galaxy meant.

Haseul wishes she could've been a mere dust particle in outer space, instead she's the black hole.


Sooyoung can listen, but couldn't see.

Jinsol can see, but wants to understand.

And Haseul just so happens to fall in love with both Jinsol and Sooyoung.


hellow >:]

i didn't realize it's abt to be 2 yrs since i started writing, so i thought why not rewrite the first fic i ever wrote ?! this is vvv different to the first one, lotsa changes, so pls don't read the old one... i'm hella embarrassed abt it

just for context: in the old fic, the star tears' color is whichever color the person has it thinks represents the person of interest and it emits twinkling/sparkling(???) sounds. in this new fic, it's the same mechanics BUT sooyoung has achromatopsia (total color blindness) and jinsol is deaf.

i hope this is okay :]


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