In desperate need for companion


No literally, I'd die from loneliness.


Hey! I'm currently on my uni break and since I have nothing to do, I feel lonely 24/7 🥲 I really need people to socialize or I swear I'll forget how to socialize 😭


Anyway, a bit about me:

- oa so mdni cause I don't wanna go to jail. 

- awkward at first but once I opened up, you'll wish for me to shut up 😩 I won't tho (coughsbutthereareotherwaystomakemeshutupcoughs) 

- I'll be honest, I don't really know 4th gen idols so  introduce me to them? 

- If fcs matter to you, I might not be the one cause I always change my fcs, ranging from idols (rv,wjsn,bp,omg,soloist members), or just random anime pfp. My fcs are mainly a female but if I'm in the mood, I would change my fc to a male. 

- I at games but if you'll teach me, I'd be glad to learn (though please have patience cause istg my brain would just disappear suddenly 😩)

- I'd often make reckless decision so I need someone who could bring me to my sense (although I'm also down with making stupid decision together if that's how you roll 😆) 

- I can't keep my hands to myself so please expect lots of hugs and kisses and hand holding. 

- I'm currently obssessed with anime, manhwa, mangas and kdramas so if you know anything good, please recommend it to me 🙇🏻‍♀️

- I'm a sub bi but I lean more towards men, but if I like you, then I like you. 

- It's been awhile since I've plotted so my writing skills might be rusty, but if you ever wanna plot, I'll try to match my writting style with yours.

- my platform is at discord for now so if you guys are interested, dm me your discord tag. 

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