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001. Night Lights is a 17+ 10 days pop up Twitter roleplay. We are only accepting faceclaims within the Korean entertaiment industry that are born in 2005 and older. We do not accept any reservation on idol faceclaims that have said to not be roleplayed, involved in scandals, or deceased. 002Subscribe to the thread before applying. Upvoting is appreciated! 003. Timeline is unrated. Keep in mind and avoid bringing up any sensitive or triggering topics on timeline, as we are a SFW roleplay. 004. We hope to have an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone during our time together! Hence, please refrain from being selective and do not bring in unnecessary drama onto timeline. Note that our dm is always open if you have any concerns! 005. As we are a non-au roleplay, please use brackets if you are talking about ooc matters. 006. Love wins as always! Bring your cute oomf(s) with you, there's always room for 2 or more and dm base if you are a move-in couple! Which dragon class is your favourite? 007. You will have to reach 60 tweets within 24 hours upon your arrival Otherwise, you will be unverified. Same if you are inactive for more than 48 hours! 008. T/CC is allowed once you have reached the tweet count. CC cooldown is 3 Days whereas TCC's is 1 day. 009. See you soon!
How to Join.
001. Check the masterlist on which faceclaim is still available. Comment in the thread with the given form. You may reserve for one additional person in your application. 002. Once you have been accepted, create or recycle an account. The format for the username is either @nglname or @namengl. 003. Include Night Lights anywhere in your profile. 004. Follow Base (@ngltwt), Misc (@nglmisc), and all member before mentioning Base for verification. Feel free to interact if you haven't been verified in 15 minutes. 005. Enjoy your stay!
Application Form.
IC / OOC Age: 

Aespa. Karina. Ningning. Winter.
Alice. Yukyung.
Astro. Moonbin14.
Wooyoung. Seonghwa. San. Mingi14. Yeosang14.
Billlie. Sheon. Tsuki.
Enhypen. Heeseung. Jay. Sunoo. Sunghoon. Jake15.
Fromis_9. Nagyung.
Idle. Yuqi.
Itzy. Yeji. Yuna.
Ive. Wonyoung.
Kep1er. Xiaoting

Le Sserafim. Kazuha. Sakura. Yunjin.
Loona. HyunjinYeojin.
Nct. Jeno. Jaemin. Hendery. Jaehyun. Taeyong. Yuta. Xiaojun14. Johnny16.
NewJeans. Hanni16.

Pentagon. Kino.
Purple Kiss. Ireh.
Red Velvet. Yeri.

Seventeen. Mingyu. 
SF9. Taeyang.
Stayc. Isa. Sieun.
Stray Kids. Felix. Hyunjin. Bangchan. 
The Boyz. Eric. Hyunjae. Juyeon. KevinQSangyeon. Sunwoo. Younghoon. Chanhee. Jacob. Haknyeon.
Treasure. Doyoung.
Txt. Yeonjun
Wjsn. Dayoung.
Soloist. Chungha. Jieqiong. Sejeong. Woodz. Yena.
Sunwoo & Kazuha. 010622. Dating.
Name & Name. mmddyy. Status.
Name & Name. mmddyy. Status.
Night lights
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